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Money & Love - Your Relationship Determines Your Wealth!

Being unfaithful doesn’t only mean they have had an affair, it is also committing financial unfaithfulness.

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Money & Love - Your Relationship Determines Your Wealth

Having observed many relationships it is quite clear that those in happy relationships continue to expand their minds & progress to extending their abilities for the greater good. 

If we were to look at money every single one of us, has gone through a period of stress about money. Partly, to the fact that when we were children it was not a mainstream curriculum subject taught in school or our parents kept their financial talk to their peers or professionals. Unfortunately, this cycle still continues based on lack of understanding of money & love.

In our current economic climate we are seeing couples start their lives together thinking  the best way to avoid money arguments is to keep separate banking accounts. His pay goes in one account, hers goes into another, and they each pay bills separately. In part this is wrong as it sets the foundations for financial problems as time goes by. 

Did you know that money is probably the number one issue that couples argue? 

Money fights are the leading cause of divorce and behind this is infidelity. 

Being unfaithful doesn’t only mean they they have had an affair, it is also committing financial unfaithfulness. In acting deceitful by failing to declare that they have a secret bank account or a secret credit card that you shop til you drop and hide the evidence by saying you bought it last year. 

You may have your spouse that is bringing in most of the money or the only source of income, who may feel entitled to most of the say or have outbursts because they hold a higher income over the other’s head. They sometimes forget what the other has brought to the table. An example of this would be carrying their child for 9 months, having your body go through a temporary transformation resulting in your stomach or vagina cut open. 

A wife more often expects to be financially supported by her husband. This is a primary benefit assumed when getting married, especially when children are in the equation and are making pesky demands for the latest I-phone. 

It is more likely as the years go on, one day you or your partner wake up feeling unfulfilled and unsatisfied with the spouse. You may find you have unmet financial expectations as things aren’t going a certain way and resent the relationship. 

Marriage ultimately is about team work with the out look of its not “yours” or “mine” needs to be stomped out from the getgo and see it as “ours”. It’s time to stop making money mistakes and see yourselves as a partnership that work together for individual and couple goals. You can learn how to discuss your finances in a more productive way even if this means enlisting the help of a Coach or money expert.

We all know that wealth is important and plays a vital role in the quality of living. Those who have it are generally happier, have better health, greater longevity, and enhanced status. 

For those who are single there is a “lid for ever pot” a old Southern adage. Start now to develop an abundant and prosperous attitude in all areas of your life for you will attract more of that into your life. The Universe has a funny way in delivering a prosperous and abundant soulmate into your life, as if by magic.

When couples feel good about their finances, they feel good about themselves and it becomes a healthy way to step into a marriage. Combined efforts in a relationship means to see the full pot as “our money”. A word from the wise is to ensue that when seeking love you must ensure that lid fits the pot.

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