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“Who Should Make the First Move?” 15 Tips for Senior Daters - Gail De Souza, LLAC - Love Coach

Men are like m??r?w?v?? ?nd w?m?n ?r? l?k? ?v?n?,” ?? ?l???? t?k? some t?m? t? allow the romance to d?v?l??.

Gail De Souza

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“Who Sh?uld Make the F?r?t M?v??” -  15 Tips for S?n??r Daters

In the ?ntr???t? dance ?f love, ??m??n? g?t? to invite ?nd initiate, and ??m??n? gets t? r????nd ?nd reciprocate. This is ?m??rt?nt b???u?? th? first moves ?n the d?n?? ?f d?t?ng ?ft?n set th? t?n? for th? ?nt?r? r?l?t??n?h??.

D????t? ?v?lv?ng r?l?? f?r both m?n ?nd w?m?n, there’s ??tu?ll? ?t?ll a l?t of ??nfu???n between th? ??x?? ?n wh?t ?? appropriate ?nd, m?r? importantly, wh?t r??ll? w?rk? in dating.

5 Th?ng? to C?n??d?r Before Making a M?v?

Wh?l? th?r? ?r? n? hard ?nd f??t rules for n?v?g?t?ng th??? tw??t? ?nd turns ?n th? r??d t? l?v?, ?t ??n b? helpful to consider th? f?ll?w?ng:

1. Id??ll? a r?l?t??n?h?? b?tw??n a w?m?n ?nd a m?n is ??m?l?m?nt?r? ?nd n?t competitive.

2. Both ??x?? have a t?nd?n?? t? tr? a l?ttl? t?? hard t? ?m?r??? ???h ?th?r, particularly in th? ??rl? ?t?g??.

3. It t?k?? time to g?t to kn?w ??m??n?, ?? d?n’t try to ru?h th? process.

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Gail De Souza

Life Coach

235 $ / session

  • 10 Thank yous!
  • 7 Testimonials
  • 9 Publications: 90 likes 139 shares

4. The ?ut??m?-f??u??d ???r???h that w?rk? so well for career ?u????? is less ?ff??t?v? ?n more ??r??n?l interactions.

5. A m?r? nuanced ???r???h ?ft?n g?t? better r??ult? th?n the “full-court press.”

More m?tur? d?t?r? m?? b? ??t ?n th??r ideas ?b?ut wh? makes th? f?r?t m?v?. S?m? m?? feel more comfortable with the tr?d?t??n?l roles.

Many w?m?n ?t?ll prefer to h?v? a m?n t?k? the l??d ?n a relationship. Men are ?ft?n fl?tt?r?d b? a w?m?n’? ?n?t??l interest, but ?f th?? feel pressured ?r ?ur?u?d, the m?t?v?t??n and ?nthu????m m?? wane.

However, it d???n’t h?v? t? b? an all-or-nothing ?r?????t??n.

A m?n ?? more l?k?l? to fall ?n love by “d??ng” and ?r?v?d?ng something ?f v?lu? t? th? woman he ?? d?t?ng. If a w?m?n ?? able t? gr????u?l? “r????v?” what a man h?? t? offer h?r, ?h? can develop d????r f??l?ng? f?r h?m. If she ??kn?wl?dg?? ?nd appreciates his attention and ?ff?rt?, both parties w?ll enjoy th? experience ?f g?tt?ng to know ???h ?th?r.

W?m?n shouldn’t underestimate th? power of their f?m?n?n? allure. R?th?r than ??k?ng a m?n ?ut d?r??tl?, some ?r?-d?t?ng “f?r??l??” m?? ???ld b?tt?r r??ult?.

5 Tips f?r W?m?n

C?n??d?r d??l???ng some tried-and-true fl?rt?ng t??hn??u??, ?u?h as:

1. An over the ?h?uld?r ?m?l?

2. Making ??? contact ?nd h?ld?ng ?t f?r a f?w seconds

3. A l?ght touch ?n a m?n’? ?rm ?r h?nd

4. A?k?ng for a man’s ?dv???, ???n??n ?r help

5. Ex?r????ng your admiration ?r appreciation ?b?ut something h? does

If a m?n ?? a ?l?w-?t?rt?r or ???m? stuck ?n th? ??b?r world or in t?xt?ng m?d?, try a ?l?ghtl? m?r? direct approach. Ju?t say ??m?th?ng l?k?, “If ??u’d l?k? t? ??ll me sometime, ?t would be fun t? talk to you.”

In so d??ng, ??u ?r? making it v?rtu?ll? risk-free f?r th? m?n t? m?k? th? next move wh?l? still m??nt??n?ng your dignity. You ?r? gr???full? ?nv?t?ng h?m to ?t?? up t? the b?r. The b?ll ?? d?f?n?t?l? ?n his court n?w. He w?ll either m?k? a move or you ??n m?v? on.

5 Tips f?r M?n

Most women ?r? turned ?n by a m?n wh? takes th? ?n?t??t?v? ?nd shows he ??r?? about what ?nt?r??t? h?r. A man with a ?l?n ??n b? ?n?r?d?bl? ??x? to a woman. If ?h? enjoys th? ?tt?nt??n, then she w?ll b?g?n t? f??l ?ttr??t??n.

H?w?v?r, ?t h?? been ???d “m?n are like m??r?w?v?? ?nd w?m?n ?r? l?k? ?v?n?,” ?? ?l???? t?k? some t?m? t? allow the romance to d?v?l??. It will b? worth th? wait wh?n ??u w?n her h??rt and ?gn?t? h?r ??????n.

To ?????? a woman’s ?nt?r??t level:

1. C?m?l?m?nt h?r on h?r smile, appearance or ?t?l?. (Most w?m?n go t? a l?t of ?ff?rt to tr? to l??k n???.)

2. Ask h?r what ?h? l?k?? t? d? f?r fun. (Th?n suggest ??m?th?ng the tw? ?f ??u ??uld do t?g?th?r.)

3. If possible, m?k? her l?ugh. (W?m?n ?w??n ?v?r men w?th a sense of hum?r. D?n’t b? ?rud? ?r ??rn?, though.)

4. D? ??m?th?ng n??? for h?r. (Even small gestures ??unt. Sh?’ll n?t???.)

5. Just ??k h?r ?ut ?lr??d?! (M?n? a w?m?n h?? f?ll?n h?rd for a man wh? ??m?l? h?d the courage and confidence to make th? m?v?.)

It’? a widely t?ught concept that there ?? n? ?nt?m??? w?th?ut r??k ?r vulnerability. S?m??n? h?? to take the r??k t? r??? the r?w?rd. Will it be you? Thr?w ??ut??n t? the w?nd b???u?? l?v? is worth ?t!

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