Dec 8, 2021 in Coaching

The magic of Christmas & the office party!

During the magic of Christmas the office party can be a hotbed of passion, we’re a desk mate can turn into a drunken smooch!

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During the magic of Christmas we tend to have a sudden blast of office parties and gatherings. This also can be a hotbed of passion where desk mates turn into a drunken smooch!

The allure of the kiss under the mistletoe can trick people into thinking it’s much more serious than it is and find themselves in the early stages of a relationship. However, in the New Year, as when everyone goes back to work and resumes every day life, suddenly the relationship which looked like it was heading for something serious, suddenly fizzles out. In particular, if one party calls it off, then the pain of rejection may feel more acute to the other when you cross paths in the corridor.  They could be a number of factors in calling off the romance for they could be in a relationship, there is a strict ‘no romance at work’ policy or just not want to create a confusing situation. Even worse you may find yourself in a sexual harassment case, even at the HQ of dating organisations such as Tinder, had to put out the flames of a bad romance.
It’s not to say that office romances don’t work… but it often leads to one party leaving their job.

If you are looking at love in the office,  as a love coach, I have helped clients navigate into discerning whether an office romance can flourish!

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