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The Great Wash - Post Pandemic Love

For those who remain single, it’s happy days because you are one step closer to finding love

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The Great Wash - Post Pandemic Love

The whole dating world has been put through an additional rinse cycle in the washing machine of love during this pandemic times. As we seem to be getting nearer to stepping out, to dry, a majority will be uncertain of the optical end result.

For some there will be ingrained stains of the adverse effects of toxic relationships, others will come out crinkly after break ups or come to the realisation they were not in a great fit. While some would have had the time to reflect on their dating life by reading the label, a small percentage would have come out with the confidence of knowing the instructions and to set themselves a target to hone into to the kind of love they seek, to get the best result.

Just like sorting out what clothes needs washing, the same applies to your status. For those who remain single, it's happy days because you are one step closer to finding love than someone in an unhappy relationship or worse still in a stale marriage. You first need to get out of that relationship and become single. For those who cheat well it looks like love left a long time ago and you are held together by superficial threads.

As I continue with the analogy of the great wash, how you have dated in the past and continue to date will set the precedence of your future love life. Are you happy with the quick wash? Or are you ready to step up to luxury dry cleaning? If you settle for quick wash in dating, this is probably how you used do things, like general hook ups, swiping on tinder or trawling through timeless profiles on on-line modalities. Not that I am knocking these platforms, it's just that the fun element of spontaneous or synchronistic meeting of one’s love interest becomes diluted as you put half a scoop of washing powder instead of the required 2 scoops.

The world machine has been switched on and things have come to the surface in the great wash. Just as the machine begins its cycle you realise you forgot to deal with past stains. This is similar to what we are seeing as to the staining effects of the post coronavirus world! We have seen a shift in attitudes from BLM, Social Distance Dating, Women Safety and many more anxieties,  start piling up in the washing basket. Whilst, the major dating apps are introducing new features from updated algorithms, badges and video calling, like a brand new or old washing machine some of these features you may never get the opportunity to use.

The choice still needs to be made for that perfect outfit which is you, of whether to wash at home or take it to the luxury dry cleaner up the road. Similar to what I coach my clients, when it comes to love, your soulmate, they can arrive knocking on your door just as you switch on the machine. However, just like the various wash cycles before the final spin, you too would have to go through cycles of rapid mood swings from thoughts of duty dating, not going on-line to I will just try searching online one more time with the hope of some miraculous change, but it turns out to be just another spin. The alternative option is taking the trusting approach of stepping out there, enjoying the scenery towards the luxury dry cleaners.

So what is the benefits of deciding the great wash? You threw the washing into the machine with the hope that none of the dye runs out or that the clothes don’t shrink or worse still having to hang the clothes to dry. And, then onto the final leg of having to iron.

Or, how about the feeling of when you get dry cleaned clothes that is ready to wear, without the effort of your quality clothes range. You paid for the service, have the time to have fun and you get what you want. This is the same principle of hiring a love coach, in particular one who has a niche area such as soulmate love. You don’t have to understand the logistics of what goes behind the scenes at the dry cleaners, you just need put a bit of effort & the knowing you will have the desired outcome.

As a love expert, my goal is to help you attract true love, the one, the perfect fit and like most brides as they walk down the aisle they are wearing the ultimate & everlasting outfit to love.



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