The simplicity of Fitness Every time I go online to keep updated with the latest fitness trends, I read more and more of what I can only describe as pure bullshit! And what’s worse is, people buy into it! They spend their time and money committing to something that 99% of the time is over complicated and unnecessary. Becareful not to confuse simplicity with easy, sadly to all our regret ,you’re still gonna have to bust your balls (or lady balls) to strive. When talking of changing the way your body looks for fitness, there are two main goals that most people are interested in. The first been increasing muscle mass and the other been fat reduction. Sadly fat reduction and increasing muscle mass are two different processes that the body cannot undertake at once. Catabolism involves the body burning cells to use for energy, these cells include fat and muscle. Catabolism reduces fat and weight. Where as anabolism is the opposite, building new cells for the body to use later, this is how muscle and fat is increased. Admittedly this sounds a little confusing, and I said this is simple, but here me out. Your body will always be in either a anabolic or catabolic state, meaning it is always producing cells or burning them and what state you’re in all comes down to how many calories you’re eating. So keeping it simple, if you’re eating over the amount of calories your body needs to function, it will go into an anabolic state and start to use the execess calories to increase fat and muscle stores. The body thinks it is building fat and muscle so it can use them on a different day when you’re not eating enough calories as energy. The body would prefer to build fat stores as oppose to muscle, however if you are doing resistance training and working muscles, your body will use the excess calories to rebuild them and muscle mass will be increased. Even when building muscle the body will always increase fat too. This is why it is extremely difficult to increase muscle and reduce fat at the same time, they involve two different process that work against each eachother. Doing them both at the same time really is limited to those who are genetically gifted and ninety nine people out of a hundred will not be able to do it. However, this doesn’t mean if you want to put on muscle then you have to pile on pounds and pounds of fat. That isn’t the case. You can limit fat reduction whilst increasing muscle by limiting the excess calories to 200-300. This is an appropriate amount that will allow your body to build the muscle without producing too much fat. You’ll often find people wanting to build muscle eating one thousand calories more than they need and most of it goes straight to fat. You can limit fat production more by the type of food you eat. 200-300 calories of high protein foods will be much for beneficial than high fat and sugary foods. Soo now on to the catabolic side of life. This is exactly the opposite. If your body is intaking less calories than it needs to function, it will use fat and muscle stores to make up when it needs. You can limit the amount of muscle lost by maintaining resistance training and eating high protein foods. Resistance training will make your body think it needs the muscle and therefore it will be more reluctant to break down muscle for energy. Eating high protein food will also reduce muscle loss, mainly because the body needs protein to function, if it’s getting plenty of protein from the foods you’re eating, it’s less likely to pull protein from your muscles to use. I know I haven’t made it super simple, but the next paragraph should summarise and make it easy. If you want to get bigger, increasing muscle then you have to eat excess calories, you must accept some fat will also be produced. If you want to get smaller, reducing fat then you have to eat less calories than your body needs, you must accept some muscle mass will be lost. Keep an eye out for my next blog when I’ll discuss building muscle and strength.