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How One feel Valued?

Valuing & Showing appreciation!

Nida khanam

Career Coach

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Do you remember last time why & what made you feel valued at work or at home or with friends?

I remember a friend sharing his experience with his manager. He wanted to talk about the issues he was facing in his personal life. His Manager & he chose to sit in the coffee shop & when they started to talk Manager's phone started to rang.

Manager ignored but after Few rings, my friend looked at him & asked, “Aren’t you going to answer it?”

He just said, “No. I don’t know whether that call is urgent, but i think it can wait till we have our conversation which is important for us now!

Never knew this small thing can bring smile & trust for him to continue share his issues.

After hearing this from my friend what I learnt was that even small gestures can bring you close to people and make them feel valued.

When you show People you value your time with them, you are much more likely to have strong trust and engagement.

Relationships made over Such Values are always long lasting and selfless.


Nida Khanam

ACC, Based Certified Coach

Executive, Career & Mindset Coach| HR & Business Mentor

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