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The Call of Your Heart

Are you following your heart?

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The Call of the Heart 

We all have unique characters and unique skills. When we were children and we didn’t know what we could do or what we were capable of trying something new was exciting! We didn’t care about failure. We probably had never even heard that word and if we had we didn’t know it’s meaning. If we did we didn’t care. We played, we pretended, we discovered and it was all fun! So we fell, or didn’t accomplish our feat on the first try, so what? We tried again. And again. Until we got it or got close. 


Then something changed 


We changed. Most of us don’t know why. Maybe it was school that taught us different was wrong. Maybe it was our parents that told us to stop goofing around. Maybe it was our friends who told us we were being silly. We grew up and out of our childhood and that meant leaving our dreams behind. For some of us anyway. 


As we got older we believed we had to find a college or find a job. Find a partner and settle down with some children of our own. That’s not a bad thing! If that was your dream then hooray! I’m happy for you. For many it’s not or at least it’s not the whole dream. Many sacrifice their dreams. For many reasons. And it doesn’t matter the reason. 




My question to you is…are you living the life you want? One that fulfills you? 


If you’re not, do you even want to? Because it’s not easy.  


Being clear on the life you want takes time. It also takes unwavering commitment in the face of all of life’s obstacles and challenges. It will likely take some sacrifice too. Not everyone will understand your choices or the path you want to follow. You can bet that the individual who chooses to live off the grid has met with some very confused and disappointed parents and friends. But as the saying goes, “Not everyone will understand your journey. That’s fine. It’s not their journey.” 


Steps on the journey 


Finding your happy place or finding AGAIN, is going to take time and effort. To help you on your way consider these: 


  1. Forgetting your plans.For a little while anyway. This gives you the freedom to rediscover yourself and try to new things or revisit the things that used to give you joy. 
  2. Open yourself to new possibilities. How will you know if you never try? If something sticks then great. If not, at least you had an experience. There is no such thing as failure. 
  3. Calm your mind and listen to your inner voice. You know what I’m talking about. We all hear that whisper, but we’ve learned to ignore it. Let it speak now and LISTEN. It’s speaking for a reason. 
  4. Find your flow. And you’ll know when you find it. You’ll engage in something and time will pass quickly without you realizing it. You’re so caught up in what you’re doing it will feel like you’re in your own world. That is flow. And it is incredible. 


It’s your life 


Living is sometimes not easy. Don’t we all know it. Jobs, school, family…they all take a piece of us. We prioritize to keep everyone happy, and end up with little for ourselves. Following our heart and doing what we love may not happen overnight. I venture to say that it will take some time and some falling down. But in the end it will be worth it. A more fulfilled you is a better you. Not just for yourself, but for those around you. 


Dare to follow your heart.

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