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Disclosure is vital: Advantages and Disadvantages

Disclosure is described by Gogoogle as "taking an action of making new or secret information known to the public"

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When a person decides to revel new or hidden information to others its a very big step,filled with many emotions, it's not an easy thing to do. However it depends on the individual. Others prefer to disclose information to people who they trust and other prefer to disclose to strangers.

It's very important to know who you disclose information about yourself to, how ,when and what you are disclosing. Firstly ask yourself what has led you to disclose on the first place, secondly why should you disclose, where and when do you plan to disclose. 

After disclosure what do you plan to achieve ? Yes, it's a good thing to let that burning issue outside your check in order for you to get support right ? Which makes it an advantage. After disclosure you expect to get emotional support, advice and gain strong attachment and bonds with the one you are disclosing to.

Disadvantages is that if you disclosed to a person who doesn't deserve, that's where the your problem begins. You find that information being made viral, you become stigmatized depending on the information, the information bites you back. Be careful of whom you decide to disclose to.

In a new relationship don't be too quick to disclose it will cause harm to the relationship,  well because the person might take advantage of that information and use it against you. It becomes hurtful at times you even ask yourself whether it was worth it disclosing. 

In conclusion disclosure takes time,you don't just wake up and decide to disclose. Beware who you disclose your information to and find all the reasons that might lead you to disclose is it for a good cause or it will bite you back. 

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