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Parenting - failure or success

Not another parenting guide but instead a blog about what you are doing right

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So here we are, parents... Now what?

You have to keep them alive

From the moment they put that little baby in your arms you are officially a parent. This means you are now responsible for another human life, you need to keep it alive. Bath it, feed it, clean it and then eventually teach it to do these things for themselves just so they can continue on the cycle of life.
But here comes the question on most of us as parents minds, are we doing it right?
Are we sculpting an amazing, strong and self sustainable human being or are we creating a damaged porcelain doll?

Well let's face it, we have all read parenting books or Google'd stuff about parenting, that leads us nowhere, because the reality is it just leaves us feeling less capable. We go to a park or kiddies event and see the way THOSE parents behave with their kids and we are like DAMN!!! why can't I be more like that or why can't my kids behave like that. The reality is though unless you are a complete failure as a parent as in completely absent for no good reason, abusive in anyway or just have a no care attitude then there is no right way of doing it.

Our kids have certain needs,
They need food.
They need shelter.
They need to be clothed.
They need an education.
They need guidance
They need love and
They need understanding.

We all have our own problems

Most of us provide that, we may not provide it they way other does or approve of but our kids get what they need.
Next time you see those perfect families at an event, instead of thinking damn I wish we were more like that, remember they have their own set of problems. You will probably find that their kids are disrespectful behind closed doors or maybe there is an abusive parent or whatever the case may be. Most people do not air out their really dirty laundry. They only show what they want people to see.

Its also important to remember, kids go through phases as do grown ups, and sometimes those phases are just a little rough and sticky. Kids will test the boudries and push you to your limits because they need to see where the line is for themselves. They need to learn the important life lessons all by themselves, aslong as there is a loving parents there to help them when they fall all will be good.
We all have our Knicks away through life experiences and we all have stress etc so its okay for your kid to grow up having the same, there is no such thing as perfect remember that.

The just is, if you provide your kids with their basic needs then you are a great parent. Tap yourself on the back, enjoy that drink and allow yourself a break.

You are amazing and your kids will be to. 


Suggested Topics

Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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