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Follow your passion and discover an unstoppable fatherhood!

Follow your passion to be the parent you want to be. Remember your children learn from who you are, not what you say...

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Hi Dad and Mom!

There is a high probability that, if you are a father and a mother, you are one of those people who sacrifices themselves in some way for their children. Or you are one of those who do not believe that makes any sacrifice, but deep down you are sacrificing something anyway.

The truth is, there is no problem with making sacrifices for our children. As long as that "sacrifice" is a free choice. What do I mean by free choice? Well, because you know that what you are "sacrificing" is less of a priority than your children. Therefore, you have simply ordered your priorities and therefore you have chosen to put that activity, or desire, aside, postponed, hoping that at some point it will be possible to have it.
The problem arises when, if you do a deep and honest study of your priorities, that desire is part of the top of the wish list. Even being part of the top of the list, you decide to leave it for later, as if it were not important, but, it is... It is the lack of agreement that generates the problem. The lack of coherence, the inauthenticity product of living your life telling you the story that it is not that important even though it is. That is a tremendous problem. I want you to see why it's a tremendous problem. On the one hand, because you are wanting something, and you deny it because "you can't". Basically, you are your own judge, your own executioner who denies you what you want. On the other hand, because you tell yourself that you deny it for your family, for your children, for your partner. In other words, you use your family as an excuse to not go for what you want. Finally, by using your family as an excuse, you may be blaming them for not having what you want. So, the energy does not lie, everyone understands that there is something incomplete with you, but they do not know what, nor do they know how to support you. Surely you generate toxic emotions and thoughts that take control from time to time and generate annoyance or even anger. Sadness or even discouragement. Worse still, perhaps you have already learned to leave all those emotions saved, postponed for later and you walk through life anesthetized, in a way, without emotions.
Project what it means for your children to learn from you, to live their lives like this. They will learn to "sacrifice" for their children, they will generate the same habits.
How do I break the vicious cycle of these toxic conversations?
Connecting with your passion! with your power! with your creativity! This will open up possibilities to take you to a new level in your life. By choosing to go for what you want by being passionate, powerful, and creative. You can achieve what you want to achieve and create what you want to create.

Find your passion and you will be an unstoppable dad and mom!

Always remember to BE the transformation you want to see in the world.

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