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How to listen to your Higher Self

Your inner voice – your higher self is the most authentic source for seeking information, knowledge, and guidance.

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There have been many people who have been requesting information on this topic. I always receive emails and messages from people who are utterly confused and stuck in their life situations, their twin flame journey, their awakening experience which has turned their life upside down! There is pain, ambiguity, and chaos inside them! What happens next is – many start seeking solace from seeking OUTSIDE information – readings, tarots, psychics, predictions, and so on!

An outside-in approach, where YOU are always clueless, in someone else’s control, and hence vulnerable!

What most people forget is that they are energetic beings and are always connected to the infinite wisdom directly from the supreme source! The Divine is always communicating with us energetically but I see many people struggling with the idea of their soul being existent as multidimensional and trusting the energetic communication from the universe, through their intuition, their own inner voice, their Higher Self!

Your inner voice – your higher self is the most authentic source for seeking information, knowledge, and guidance. Your higher self is always connected to your spiritual mentors, guides, angels, light team – whatever you want to call them. When we start anchoring and holding into higher frequencies in our body, we reconnect/connect with our higher self as well as the higher dimensional beings around us. Now the question comes, how do we really go about connecting with our higher self?

How do you connect and communicate telepathically with your higher self?

As we are in a very dense frequency, (on earth in the physical body ) it is difficult to remember how to be energetic beings. The higher self is an aspect of you that is energy and you are too energy. When you start connecting to the higher self, energy is connecting to the energy. The same holds true with any higher dimensional consciousness or being. Energy is connected to energy.

The way you communicate, connect, the way you align is all energetic. That means – the ego and the personality, the ‘physicality’ part of you – keeps itself out of this scenario. Hence the mode of your communication is telepathic. The energetic aspect of you communicating with these energetic beings.

Your neurological backbone – your spine – is your integrity. From the top of the head ( the soft spot of the baby’s head) till all the way down the perineum. That is what we call a neutral channel. This channel moves through your body – which is designed to move the energy through. So your higher self which is stored and hanging around your 8th energy center ( the crown chakra), is always moving through your body.

So when you communicate with your higher self, it is an energetic frequency – which moves through into your channel – it is dissected by you, and a lot of times when these guides and your higher self speak to you, it sounds like your own voice. Mainly because it is filtered right through the mind, right through the brain.

When you hear it – you hear the energy as words – that is how lot of us dissect it. You dissect the energy and filter it through your vocabulary. You don’t consciously know that you are doing this; but as energetic beings, we communicate telepathically. It’s natural. We are designed like that.

How can you listen to your higher self?

Actually, it happens to most of us  – we hear our higher self all the time, we are hearing our guides all the time, but we don’t just trust it and hence we are ignoring it. So first of all, you need to do some trial and error and just trust! Just believe! That’s it, it is that simple. Believe what you hear!

Most of the time it becomes challenging because of our ego-mind. We are living in duality, in 3rd dimension. So our ego will make us think about right-wrong, good-bad, yes-no, and make judgments. So when you are paying attention and listening to the voice in your head, observe what tone does it have? What does it feel like? Is it telling you that  – you should do this, and shouldn’t do that? – Is it telling you – this is the right thing and this is the wrong thing to do? –  Is it sounding – I am lazy and I need to get up?
If yes, then your EGO is telling you this, your ego is very judgmental and demanding. It will tell you what to do, what you should do.

Your higher self (or your guides) will speak with you in simple statements. Go for a walk. Rest. Start to write. Start a journal. Go for the musical evening. Go on that trip. Call this person. Start working on the new project…. there is no emotion attached to these statements other than pure love.

That is how you really dissect it. Is what you are hearing a should or shouldn’t statement? Is it telling you about right or wrong? or is it JUST a statement?

How do you differentiate between your higher self and your ego?

A lot of people have this idea that guides, the higher dimensional beings or their higher self is going to sound different. It is probably going to be some random heavy voice from some outer space – it’s going to come in – and you will hear – “YOUU ARREE SUPPOSE TO DOO THIISS! Well, that’s not the way it works. It literally sounds like YOU. When you get familiar with this practice, you can recognize it, you feel it, you know it.

How do you practice: When you hear something, you need to literally start dissecting – what is in your head? – and keep doing it whenever it is being possible for you throughout the day. A lot of us don’t because we are really really busy, and our minds are engaged. We are not really able to listen to what's coming in, but I guarantee you, I promise you, right now, you are connected, aligned, and hearing the higher self and your guides. It is just a matter of quieting to listen. It is a matter of dissecting what voice is it; which is going to sound like YOU, it is being filtered by you, so of course!

So throughout the day, start to get really, actually getting aware of what you are hearing in your head. Dissect it as if you are a scientist. Start to trust and start to play by doing trial and error.

You have to start playing this instead of saying – I can’t hear anything. Yes, you can hear! Stop for a moment, quiet the mind, just trust and listen to what you are hearing. Sometimes the mind chatter can get so loud that it is difficult to hear. Start quieting the mind by just sitting for a moment and doing nothing. That's the best way to quiet your mind.

The ideal state to be in:

It is all about practicing it, till your body is completely able to embody the higher self, a lot of actual frequency of your higher self is going to feel outside of you. Embodying your higher frequency means – your frequency inside your body starts to increase to a frequency that can now hold and merge with your higher self – and then you start being your higher self throughout your day.

As if you are both – your ego-personality as well as your higher self navigating your world. But until that embodiment – it is going to feel like the higher self is sort of distant. And of course, the higher dimensional beings, are indifferent dimensional realms, outside of you. 

You are now walking about your day, you are now increasing your frequency and starting to connect and align with not only the higher self but these higher dimensional beings – the energetic forces vibrating and moving through your channel and you are starting to hear things.

Hope this was useful. Do trial and error. Dissect the voices. It’s going to sound like you, but the more you do this, the more you are going to be able to be clear and listen to your higher self!


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