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Do twin flames have to undergo all the stages before they could be happy together?

The twin flame experience is NOT about going through unhappiness first and then having the candy!!

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I don't think the twin flame experience is about going through unhappiness first and then having the candy!!

I feel it is a mix of extreme pain and extreme happiness all beautifully weaved together!!

Meeting a twin flame is and can be the most beautiful as well as the most devastating experience at the same time. It will challenge everything you believed so far, it will challenge your emotions, ego, social beliefs, cultural beliefs, relationship beliefs…and at the same time, it will take you through a deep and intense pull of some magnetic undeniable energy of pure love!

So at the same time, you are repelling and you are being pulled!

The twin flame stages are NOT linear. They can come in any order and can repeat again and again.
During these stages or phases, the two are constantly connecting and disconnecting, overcoming their blocks, learning something.

During this process, there are several extremely happy moments in their journey! However, there are also moments of extreme pain.

If we say the two went through the complete journey and are in union with each other on all levels ( spiritual, emotional, mental, etheric, physical) they would certainly be activating their mission. The true purpose of this journey is to activate your mission.

So if twin flames are going through all the stages - it means they are progressing on their spiritual path and coming more and more into harmony on all levels (mentioned above). Once they start aligning with each other, of course, the initial crises and misalignment won't be there.

The physical union may not be the way most imagine (staying under one roof like a couple in an ‘ideal' romantic relationship.) Physical union is beyond that and has much more to it. I am not saying they can't stay together, I only want to point out it is more than that, and that is NOT the ultimate aim.

After all the turmoil “finally” the love birds came together and stayed happily ever after - is a trait of a soulmate connection. ( However, I feel this too is a bit fairy tale type.)


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