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11 Misconceptions – Twin Flame Journey : Part 2

Some major misconceptions, which may strongly affect twin flames on their path!

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Continued from Part 1...

5. I need to “hold on” my life till my twin flame returns.

Twin flame journey is all about learning how ‘not to hold on’ while you believe and are open to the unexpected!! 

When the separation happens and your Twin Flame goes away, many are wanting to wait for their twin flame forever. I can understand that – as you lose interest in dating others and your only interest is your twin flame. And as it is advised to be open, our twin flame can show up at any point of time, anywhere in our life in the future.

But, this certainly does not mean we should wait and hold our life for them to return. Doing that does not serve the purpose. Holding on for them makes you be in the state of “waiting” and “expectation” for an uncertain period of time making you feel disappointed, anxious, desperate, vulnerable. Eventually, you start living in a vibration – which is much negative and completely not favorable to attract union.

We need to learn to live life and love life even when they are not around. You can definitely meet new people, date them if you want, explore new things, learn new things get different experiences.

Personally in my journey, my twin flame always showed up multiple times, when I had least expected. And that each coming back, holds a huge significance for both of us in this journey.

6. I have surrendered, now I should not think about my twin flame, I should forget about them.

First it is important to understand what you are surrendering and to whom you are surrendering. You are surrendering your doubts, anxiety, logic – to the Divine.

Surrender does not mean to have to stop to even think of your twin flame. It is not possible. Twin flames share the energy between them and feel each other all the time. There is nothing wrong with thinking or remembering them when you are practicing surrender.

If you try to forget them, you are creating resistance internally. And resistance is the first thing that should NOT be there in the surrendered state.

True surrender is: Putting all your worries, doubts to the divine and believing in the path you are on 100%. Being in 0 resistance zone.

So if you remember your twin flame, send them love and smile. That is the most natural state you can be in.

7. I need to be “sexually loyal” with my twin flame, and they need to be loyal to me, After all, this is a sacred connection.

Even though sexual pull and attraction is very much intense in Twin Flame connection, it is NOT about being sexually loyal. This connection is NOT a conventional relationship. ( and a connection with a spiritual purpose)

Some people try and attach the sacredness of the connection to sexuality. That is completely out of context. The sacredness of the connection has much much more to it than attaching it to sexual aspect.

Commitment, give and take, ground rules, morale, dos and don’ts  – A typical conventional earthly romantic relationship will have all such expectations and necessities to make that relationship work. If the partner does not follow it’s rules, the relationship is over!

The twin flame dynamic is completely different. There are many who are meeting their twin flame while they are in a happy marriage, or a relationship and their twin flame too is in a happy marriage. Most Twin Flames never officially date each other and may not involve sexually with each other, I have known some who have met their twin flame only once in their life…

Twin flame connection is NOT about being sexually committed, loyal, marriage or having kids. It is not about feeling possessive, claiming your right on them. It is completely not about that.

8. I am the one who is suffering and my un-awakened twin flame gets away with everything and enjoys his life!

Your twin flame is not getting away with everything. It seems like that from the other side. In fact, their confusion is much more than yours. You, as an awakened twin, have realized what this connection is all about. Somewhere you understand the bigger picture, that there is something more than you thought and it is not a normal attraction one would feel for someone.

But your twin flame (most runners or matrix twins) is completely unaware of this bigger picture. They may be in the process of awakening, but after awakening also get more into a fix. I feel they are going through more stuff than you do . As you are aware of the Divine intervention, you have an option to believe in the divine and believe that they would return. Most runners do not even have that option as they don’t understand what's going on.

Another way of looking at it is:
They have already learned their lessons either in this life or past lives. It is YOU, the awakened twin who needs to finish your part. YOU need to go through certain lessons to come up to their level.

Secondly, in the twin flame journey, there are pre-fixed roles both the twins play. You are playing your part in being spiritually aware. They are playing theirs in a matrix way. That is how it is designed. So none from the pair is getting away, both have to play their roles and go through what they are supposed to go through.

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