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Synchronicity and Twin Flames

Have you ever wondered if something you experienced in your journey was really a coincidence or something more than that?

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As a twin flame, have you ever wondered if something that you experienced in your journey was really a coincidence or something way too much more than that? Most of us do and I think that is when we really start questioning what is really happening and start wondering what is it really all about!

When I experienced this phenomenon in my journey for the first time, I called it a “miracle”! It was nothing less than a miracle; which happened at the right moment or a time at the right place when the expectancy and the probability of it happening was zero! And it actually left me thinking that this can not be random and this is not “normal!”

Most of us recognize this phenomenon as – Synchronicity!
It simply means an inexplicable and profoundly meaningful coincidence that is related by meaningfulness rather than by cause and effect.


Synchronicity as a concept was first introduced by analytical psychologist Carl Jung (1920). Jung’s belief was that, just as events may be connected by causality, they may also be connected by meaning. He coined this word and wrote a book by the same name – “Synchronicity – An Acausal Connecting Principle.” Jung was a believer in the paranormal and he used the principle of synchronicity to argue for the existence of the paranormal. Another believer in the paranormal, Arthur Koestler wrote extensively on synchronicity in his 1972 book “The Roots of Coincidence.”


Though Synchronicity is NOT exclusive to only twin flames and is experienced by anyone and everyone, twin flames experience synchronicity quite often. I feel that is because twin flames, on their spiritual journey, start sensing, accepting, and believing the existence of multiple realms and the existence of energies at work in multiple dimensions.

I particularly started sensing that I was being “watched” and “looked after” and “guided” by someone out there because of the synchronous events which happened in my journey, even when I did not know what was it all about and when I did not know the word “twin flames.” In my journey, some co-unfolding events or instances that had no logical explanation were really strange and almost impossible to deny. These events have been the game changers that put a milestone to my journey.

Synchronicity has helped me big time, to keep my faith on, hold on in the tough times when it is almost impossible to bear the pain, and have trust and faith in the higher realms and the guidance coming in from there.

Synchronicity helps us in the journey in 4 major areas:

1. Awareness

Whatever is the level of synchronicity, it makes you ponder upon that there are things happening parallel to our human existence.  Such synchronicity gets us to think, ponder, get attention, get us to notice. By whom exactly is the question but generally, we can say the Universe, angels, spirit guides, or God or the supreme source!

2. Realization

Synchronicity helps you realize that your connection is beyond earthly give and take, it is a divine connection.
For eg. The Divine repeatedly made my twin flame appear in front of me physically, when I least expected exactly when I was thinking of moving on. It made me realize that this connection was deeper and different and this synchronicity was a sign from higher realms to tell me that there was a greater purpose.

3. Validation

Synchronicity helps you validate that what you are feeling deep inside is true.
For eg. Some synchronic events made me realize that it was not my imagination and what I think about my twin flame, and what I believe is 100% true.

4. Guidance

Synchronicity guides you on the right path. Sometimes you are in confusion and don’t know what to do. At such times there will be signs which tell you that you are on the right path or not.

What is the most important thing here, is to keep watching your own thoughts and what you were thinking exactly the moment you notice the synchronicity. Most of the time it is answering, validating, guiding your that very thought.


Types of synchronicity

There are numerous or I can say infinite different creative ways, how the divine will show you the synchronicity. It is so very amazing and interesting to see how the Divine communicates with us through this phenomenon. What I have listed here, is of course not a scientific classification of this experience but a general listing of different types of synchronicity we normally experience. All this synchronicity will either make you aware, make you realize something, validate your thought or will guide you in the right direction.

Numbers – 

I was experiencing synchronicity all the time since I met my twin flame, but I started noticing ‘number’ sequences when my awakening was about to happen. I started noticing 111 and 1111, 222, 555 initially. Many people feel that seeing such number sequences is only related to twin flames, but that is not true. Anyone who has started being ‘aware’ would notice such number sequences.

The divine uses these number sequences to ‘wake you up’ and to get you noticed that there is something out there you need to seek. Many wonder, when they see number sequences that what are they telling them? It is most important to pay attention to your thought, the moment you noticed the numbers. Such communication is personal communication and can not be generalized.

Number synchronicity deserves a separate article to elaborate more. I will write about it in the coming days!


Name  – 

This will typically show you the name of your twin flame, their initials or something related to their name, or their and your name together in the most creative ways! It could be literally anywhere! On a signboard, hoarding, tv ad, newspaper, magazine, product packing….Moreover, their name will also be accompanied by another message. ( For eg. a hoarding on which there is their name, the heading would be “find your way home” ) you could find it in the most bizarre places especially when you are thinking about them, or trying to forget them, trying to move on, confused about your connection, doubting your connection.

Written Texts – 

This one is most common – seeing a message written somewhere which has a specific meaning to YOU. It may not make the meaning to others what it does for you! Most of the time it is an assurance to hold on, indicating that you are on the right path or it validates your thought very strongly! And well, we see such messages literally everywhere! Right from our phones to books, magazines, offices, the outdoors, ads, roads, and so on!

The Divine will show you how you are connected with your twin flame by validating it at the right moment when you have doubt to guide you back to your soul path.


Visuals – 

This will connect your situations and thought with visuals or images. You were thinking of them and you saw someone exactly looking like them. Or someone wearing the same dress as their’s. Some picture or object which reminds you of their stuff (some image related to them, their car, shoes, house, their favorite color, dog etc.)

Classic eg. this image of Charlie Brown and Snoopy (below left) sitting at the deck holds a great significance for me. My twin flame used to put this image on his profile when he missed me. There have been so many instances when I saw these two characters in different situations along with some beautiful and profound messages. The Instagram image was the climax of all – where its the same image my twin flame used and Snoopy says, “The universe is the miracle to those who believe Charlie Brown.” and the description says, “Trust deeply that the universe has got your back and it will truly push you forth into greatness, love and freedom, flow and believe!”

Sound / Music  –

Music which is related to them. They like that particular song or tune, or they sing it themselves, or you both together have some memory about that song or the song has lyrics which give you some sort of an answer through it to what you were exactly thinking at the moment you heard it. Often we experience that we turn the radio and the same song is playing, or the song which is playing is an answer to the question in your mind. A particular song pops up in your suggestion list of songs, someone is humming the tune…
Sound can too be a major element in synchronicity. Sound of a motorbike, ring tone, their voice, some particular sound which reminds you of them. For example, I had put a custom sound for his WhatsApp messages. That particular sound use to play when he would send me a message. When we were in separation and when I used to wonder if he was thinking about me, that sound often would play from somewhere around me and I would hear it exactly at that moment.

Context –

Some synchronicities happen in terms of context. Something you see, hear or notice is highly relevant to your twin flame and your connection with them.

I will give you a very classic example of this. Once I was thinking, I have not sensed his energies around for quite a few days, I wonder if he is around? At that same moment, I noticed an Ad running on the TV. The ad which just finished, had it’s last words – “Your spiritual partner.” The ad which played the next was an ad of an insurance company; which started with their tagline – “Every moment with you!” — So what I actually heard was – “Your spiritual partner, every moment with you!”
The catch is – my twin flame works for the same insurance company. 
So there is a lot here giving a profound message in terms of the context.

Events –

The most strongest and profound of all is synchronicity happening as an event! There are several ways this can happen. For eg. Thinking of someone and then them calling you on the phone two minutes later! Such synchronicities can be so profound that they hold the power to change the entire course of your life or your journey.

I have personally had 3 such strongest and profound synchronicities related to the events which impacted my journey positively big time.

The first time was when I decided to give up on my twin flame for the first time after loving him for 5 years! I told myself that love and faith did not hold any value in this world and sadly I was walking towards my home that evening, and within 20 mins of me deciding that I want to move on, he came from nowhere and spoke to me! After 5 years of no talk.

This incident changed the course of our journey and the dynamics of our connection.

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