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What is Inner Work in Twin Flame Journey

Inner work is all about being aware of your triggers, experiences, identifying issues, and overcoming those issues.

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Inner work” which eventually leads you to “spiritual growth.” Going within – introspecting – realizing.

Many people feel that they have to really sit down closing their eyes to do meditation, chanting, reciting mantras, opening chakras thinking that that is inner work. Inner work is NOT healing and meditation.

It is great to do all the above things to keep your soul at a higher vibration, cleansed, and positive. But all these things are a “tool” to connect to higher realms/cleanse energies. Healing is a kind of cleansing. However, NONE of the above is inner work.

When you are a “seeker” in your spiritual journey, It is important to ponder upon what you are experiencing, what you are reading, what information you are gathering, how are you connecting the dots, realize things – “and convert it into KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM.” — this process is inner work!

Inner work is all about being aware of your triggers and experiences, identifying what issues you are dealing with, and overcoming those issues. And acknowledging it as your learning.

This is a continuous process. Any twin flame at any point in their journey should do only this.

Then only you are truly transforming yourself for the better.

In the context of twin flame journey, your twin flame triggers your spiritual growth. It is important to understand that. The twin flame triggers will take you through a certain experiences, which will lead you to inner work.

Eg. My twin flame ignoring my texts has taught me about acceptance.

How I learned about acceptance? I was first aware that this experience is making me look inside myself. I was aware. I identified the issue with introspection, my expectation was making me get hurt. I decided to not let my expectations take control of my feelings. Slowly I could let go and become wiser person. My twin flame ignoring my texts did not affect me negatively.

That is inner work!

In another case I wanted to meet with my twin flame when I visited my hometown years after. I was thinking I was mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually ready to meet him. But eventually, we ended up with a small fight over an email and did not meet.

Only then, I realized I had to still deal with my ego issues. I started introspecting a lot, I analyzed things in my mind over and over again in that period. And I really understood what letting go meant. What being open without any condition really meant. That was inner work.

This did not happen in one or two days. It took months!

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