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What Does it Mean When You Dream of Your Twin Flame?

Twin flame dreams have a very great significance in the twin flame journey. When they occur, there is always some reason!

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Twin flame dreams have a very very great significance in the twin flame journey.

When they occur, there is some reason always. They do not come too frequently. If such dreams are coming so frequently, we may not take them seriously. 

When in separation, certain dreams may trigger the sense of having the need to connect back with your twin.

1. Twin flame dreams will indicate, give you a clue that an action is required from your side to make a contact.

2 Twin flames Dreams will constantly show you what you need to work on. 

I used to get a series of dreams where I was trying to contact my twin on the phone. And I couldn’t contact him. In every dream, the situation will be a little different. I lost my address book / my phone is not working / public phone is out of service/ the page where I wrote his number is torn off…and so on…BUT the conclusion was the same. I not being able to contact him. In my waking life, I had his number and I could contact him whenever I wanted. But I didn’t, or I couldn’t. Out of fear of rejection/hurt/anger. My dreams constantly showed me what I needed to work on.

*Dreams about your true twin flame will always have a special meaning.

*Your inner guidance will guide you in those dreams (warning/ information about what’s coming to you next/ or telling if you are on the right track or not)

*It will foretell the nearing physical meeting.

Before my twin flame was awakened to this fact that we had a soul connection, we were completely in a noncontact phase. And I had this dream where he is standing next to me and looking in my eyes and he has recognized me. I also wrote it in my journal, what I saw in that dream and how amazing it was to see that recognition in his eyes – in the dream. I also wrote how cool it would be if it was true in waking life. In less than 3 months he indeed told me what he felt – the same recognition what I saw in his eyes in my dream.

Twin flame dreams will show you what your true twin flame is feeling about you, or it can even tell you that he/she has progressed further in their spiritual journey.

Some times you will get up from sleep and have a feeling that you have actually met your twin flame in some way.

I had this dream once that my twin flame was combing my hair with great care and love. It was kind of funny and I ignored it, as we didn’t even talk to each other at that time. But I could literally feel the warmth in his touch as he ran his fingers through my hair in that dream. Last year when we met physically after a long long time and hugged each other, he exactly ran his fingers in my hair the same way I had felt in my dream.

These dreams are special because they are becoming a channel between you and your twin flame. Or they are becoming a source of guidance for your journey.

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