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11 Misconceptions – Twin Flame Journey : Part 1

Some major misconceptions, which may strongly affect twin flames on their path!

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1. I need to “help” my twin flame to awaken, heal and progress so that I can fasten the process.



“Awakening” is a Divine phenomenon. It is an inner click. It can not be controlled by you or me or anyone else! Your Twin Flame needs to come to a certain point in their own journey to awaken to the divinity of your connection; which happens from within. Not by someone making them realize it.

We always tend to mistake this part of the twin flame journey. As we are more aware of the spiritual side of this connection, we always tend to feel that we are awakened and it is now our responsibility to awaken our twin!! However, no human being can initiate or ignite an awakening in another human being. Some people may be catalysts in doing it, but it is not happening because of them.

When it comes to Healing: Healing happens on a subconscious level. We are not consciously doing anything in our control to heal our twin flame. We do not even know what needs to be healed. The issues may go back to several past lives.

When twin flames connect and disconnect several times during this journey, and as they progress in their journey, the healing is automatically happening.

What we forget in this journey is that we are playing out our roles and the divine has plotted all the main milestones for both the twins perfectly. What we need to do is – play our part with great attention and focus. It is not our job to “help” our twin flame. We are neither capable to do it nor is it in our control.


2. If I tell my twin flame that we are twin flames, they will come back.

It seems really a great idea, but well…you can not make them come to you by telling them what you feel and what twin flames are.

If you all of a sudden (mostly out of desperation) tell them about the concept of Twin Flames, there are chances that they will not agree with you or they will agree and nod their head to this concept but will not really get it. For that, they need to arrive at that realization on their own.

They are not running from you because they don’t know the label Twin Flames. They may be aware of your connection in some way. The reason for their running is something else, which is more related to their inner issues.

Theoretically understanding what twin flame is – will not help them to come to you. For eg. Going on the moon yourself and knowing about the moon from someone else – are two different things. Former is an experience and later is the information.

Them realizing about the connection and they're coming back to you is NOT related and both the things are not in your control. It is better to leave it up to the Divine and focus on your own inner work. When we focus on ourselves understanding this, it is also going to affect our twin flame. Sooner or later he/she is going to follow.


3. I am spiritually “ahead” of my twin flame, it is THEM who now need to “come up to my level.”

It is very important to understand that every human being understands and discovers their own spiritual side in different ways. The way you understand and seek spiritual things, it is not necessary that another person will exactly understand and seek it the same way you did or understood. There are a million ways to experience and understand spirituality.

So in the context of twin flames, it is not necessary that your twin flame will experience and understand spirituality exactly the same way you did. Hence there is no point in judging and analyzing them on their understanding and interest in spirituality based on YOUR understanding. Understand that your understanding is limited.

Many awakened twin flames start feeling that they are “ahead” of their twin flame in spiritual understanding, but that’s not true. Your twin flame can be spiritually way more mature than you! The only thing is they are not “aware” of their spirituality yet. Being spiritually aware and being spiritually mature, are two different things.

What is important to understand, is we are taking on ROLES to play here. You have chosen to be the spiritual one and your twin has chosen to be the matrix twin. This doesn’t mean that they are spiritually less advanced than you. They could be way advanced than you spiritually, but in this life, in the twin flame journey, they have chosen to be the matrix twin.


4. Only thing stopping our connection is the spouse! Spouse is the villain of our love story!

Twin Flames who are married to different partners are often dealing with complex situations. Being married to someone else adds up to the guilt feeling while dealing with an intense and strong pull towards their twin flame which is most of the time not really intentional.

Naturally, their marital life gets affected in some or another way and many start feeling that if they were not married, everything would go well and their spouse is the major obstacle in their union! That is not true!

Some twin flames have really caring and understanding spouses. Mostly they are the soul mates, who agreed to support you passively in your twin flame journey. By being your companion, helping you cope up with life in your separation. They do not know this consciously but is the reason why you (as a twin flame) can learn your lessons in separation and also clear karmic debts while being with your soulmate.

With some twin flames, things are not working out with their spouses. It has become bland, loveless, toxic, or even abusive in some cases. Most probably they are with their karmic partners, clearing karmic contracts. ( In abusive scenarios, one should take the decision of getting out of marriage, irrespective of meeting a twin flame.)

In whichever way – It is high time twin flames stop making your spouse a villain of your story.

You are in separation and are with your spouse because of a reason. Your spouses are carrying a certain role passively in your journey and they are equally important. Either they are supporting you or they are helping you to clear karma. When the time comes, things will fall in place on their own.

All twin flames need to respect their soulmates/  karmic partners and their twin flame’s karmic partner as they are souls, who are actively or passively being an important part of your journey. Never look at them as hurdles. They are there for a reason.

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