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Happy Children from Birth to Adulthood

What can you do to make sure you're child is productive from childhood to adulthood? Here are some ideas to help.

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Oh, what a world we live in nowadays. It seems that raising a child is more difficult once they leave the door and go about their day. You hope they are doing the right thing out of your presence. You hope they pick the right friends and decide to be in a crowd of other peers who have common sense and aren’t out to cause trouble.

So here are a few things that I think can help you raise your child at any age:

  1. Do whatever it takes to raise your child’s self-esteem. At certain periods in their life, they will genuinely feel they have no worth or value when they are picked on. You need to be there to remind them of their worth to boost their self-esteem of themselves and be the best version of themselves they can be

  2. When you’re child does nothing great. Let them know you saw them do good and praise them. Don’t just focus on what they did wrong. 

  3. If your child needs discipline set a time limit for that to happen. Don’t tell them that they are punished for a week and then by tomorrow you have changed your mind and they are off the hook. You also can’t have one parent be the bad guy and discipline while the other parent tells the child, “Don’t worry about it, go out and do what you want…” Be consistent. ALWAYS

  4. If your child wants to spend quality time with you then make time. Put your phone down, your game down, and spend time with that child. You want them to know that whenever they need you, you are available and will pay attention.

  5. Set a good example for your children. Don’t do drugs/anything illegal… don’t be a parent who does all this bad stuff then tell your child not to do it. They go by example. They follow you and see that if you lie and get/got away with it then they will too.

  6. What I hear a lot from young children, teens, and even young adults is that growing up there is/was a lack of communication. The parents seemed to be too busy to listen when they needed the parent. Make time to speak to your child either daily or weekly. Find out what is going on. Let them know they can come to you about anything without fear or judgment

  7. What works for one child may not work for anything so you may have to make changes on how to adjust how you discipline one child over another one. Be willing to know that not all children are the same and even if you have to change your parenting style to fit another child be consistent with the change

  8. Do not show favoritism from one child to the next. Show them equal love and show them unconditional love not conditional love with stipulations. You are the one that can show them that they can count on you when they need to come to you and help them adjust to life throughout their life.

  9. I know it may be hard for some parents, but really pick your battles when it comes to your child's behavior. Would you rather discipline because your child cursed or would you rather focus on the more serious actions of that child hurting someone else or lying? You can’t deal with everything all at once and it’s an overload in the child’s brain so pick things one at a time to deal with and focus on and correct that.

  10. Make special days for you and that child to do together. Whether it's to go get ice cream or out to lunch. Make that child feel special and do something with another child on another day. Make it special for each child.

  11. Respect each other's parenting child unless it can cause harm to your child. Even if you don’t agree with the spouse is handling the situation. Otherwise, you will confuse the child.

  12. It is okay to LOVE your spouse in front of the child/ren. It shows them what a true relationship is supposed to look like and they can treat their future partner with the same kind of love and affection

  13. Raise your children to be respectful to other adults. To be polite. 

  14. Make sure your child is thriving and living a healthy lifestyle as best as possible. Teach them to brush their teeth, take a bath, appropriate sanitary needs that need to be taken care of.

You are the only one in your child’s life to give them a good start and start off from birth through adulthood. They need you more than they realize and you may have your moments where your children may feel they don’t need you but as they get older they will realize that because of the open communication they can, in the end, count on you and not make habits.

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