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How is Your Well-Being Today?

How do you know that your well-being is taken care of? These questions may help you know if you are where you need to be.

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Your Well Being Matters

How do you know when your well-being is taken care of properly?

Emotional Needs - Are you coping with what is going on around you while making and maintaining relationships that matter? Is your partner/spouse available when you need someone to lean on? To cry on their shoulder? Are they there to comfort you when you need it or are they vacant and disappear when it comes to your needs, but quick to let you know about their needs and how you need to be there for him/her?

Spiritual Needs - Are you eager to look for your sense of purpose in life? Do you still seek the meaning of life?

Intellectual Needs - Are you still seeking ways to improve your skills and learn more? Does your spouse/partner have intellectual conversations with you and you with him/her or do you feel like you are constantly talking to a child and can’t have an intellectual conversation whatsoever?

Physical Needs - Do you understand that you need to stay active, sleep well, have healthy choices, and/or diet? Do you strive to work out as best as you can to maintain a healthy way of living? Does your partner/spouse fulfill your needs in the bedroom or are you a one-man/woman solo act because they have no interest in fulfilling your physicals but expect you to fulfill his/her needs at any time?

Occupational Needs - Do you find yourself satisfied with your work? Do you feel a sense of purpose/belonging from your work?

Financial Needs - Are you happy with where you are financially or are you struggling to make ends meet? Does your partner/spouse spend the money on frivolous things that aren’t needed just because they see the money and immediately want to spend it? Does one partner feel since they work they have all the say in where the money is spent and you are limited on how much you can use? Does he/she pay for everything and you have to go to that person for any little thing you or the household may need?

Environmental Needs - Do you feel supported with where you live that you can maintain good health, performance in your job, and other areas that are stimulating to help you continue to grow/learn where you are residing?

Social Needs - Do you feel you have a good support system from family, friends, peers, etc? Do you feel a sense of belonging and self-worth because you have support? Do you have someone to talk to if you need to talk?

Relationship Needs - Are your needs being met by your spouse/partner? Do you feel you can go to him/her about anything/everything at any time and not be made fun of, but taken seriously? Does that person want to know what they can do to make your situation better? Do you feel like you are walking on eggshells are are they the rock and solid foundation you need when you feel you lose your footing along the way? Do they stand up for you not only to their own family but to friends as well to protect you?

Do you reciprocate the same for your partner/spouse in all these needs listed above? Do you treat your spouse/partner the way you want them to treat you? If not, then maybe you need to sit down and talk about what you could do to make the situation better for your partner/spouse if you want it to work out.

Suggested Topics

Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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