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Who am I, and why should you care?

Here is some information about myself and the different things I have done and still do. I would love to help you

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HOURS OF OPERATION *Seeking specific hours then please ask so I can see what I have available*

Mon - Thurs: 8am - 6pm

Fri: 8am - 5pm

Sat. & Sun: off (will work on weekends for clients if necessary)

EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]


SKYPE: [email protected]


Minutes                         X Weekly Seen                               Cost Per Session

30                                          1-2                                                  $70

60                                          1-2                                                $130

240                                        (4 hrs) For the month                   $500

*Would you like to use the service on WikiExpert? I charge $70 per 45-minute session. Sometimes it has run over to be an hour for those who really need it at no additional charge. You will not be given those other times nor pricing listed above if you use my services on WikiExpert. WikiExpert price is $70. If you use Skype services then you can use the other prices above

I DO NOT take any insurance at this time so this expense would be paid out of pocket

PLEASE NOTE: Coach/Client has the right to decide to not continue with services for any reason; Client must give 24-48 hour notice of cancellation of a scheduled appointment or a $25 fee will be charged for non-cancellation notice. Please note this helps be courteous to other patients who could use your time slot if you decide to cancel. Coach/Client privilege of cost is based on the individual(s) financial abilities and depending on the situation the same cost shall not be used for another person who knows the client; Also, if the client decides that he/she/they want to add more times per month to be seen or deducted, a new contract will be made and there will be a price change.

Disclaimer: Coach vs. Counselor (Coach: can discuss things from present to now to help your situation; Counselor: Can discuss things from distant past to present to help you), Professional Tarot Card Reader (for entertainment purposes only - cannot tell you that you will be a millionaire tomorrow, nor can I make any promises/guarantees

I am a little person who has been struggling for years to be a part of something bigger in this world. I’ve wanted to show others my talents. I’ve had many jobs to try to figure out what I liked best and I believe I found my true calling:

Written Works:

  • Bio for Chat Magazine UK

  • Capturing Silence: Silenced Poetry

  • Lost in Emotions (Poetry)

  • Blinded by Bittersweet Symphony (Poetry)

  • Beautifully Unkept Girl (Novel)

  • The Shrew 1 & 2 (comic books)

  • The Short Audition (comic book)

  • Amongst the Darkness - script

  • Concussion: Symptoms of Poetry

  • Spook Land - Script

  • Script Writer for Glass Asylum Prod. projects

Other Media

  • Ron’s Amazing Stories (Podcast) True Life Ghost Story

  • Mass Hypnosis (Podcast) Opportunities for Little People in film


  • MegaCon 2021 Orlando Convention Ctr


  • Unconditional Love Dir: P.J. Hogan

  • Untitled Production Dir: Dane Joseph

  • Untitled Production Dir: Daniel Ingraham

  • Little Person/Paranormal Show Casting: Alicia Bowling

  • Five Below Commercial John Pero Casting

  • T-Mobile Commercial Casting

  • LP Weight Loss Casting Casting Dir: Paul Head

  • Paranormal Casting Call Casting Dir: Chris Repp

  • V Casting Dir: Tim Proctor


  • ORPS (Orlando Research Paranormal Society) Investigator/Founder/Instructor/Consultant 


  • Circus Machine Director: Ms. Peters

  • Fiddler on the Roof Director: JHS

  • The Curtain Director: Self

  • Homeless Jesus Asst. Director: Self


  • Life Coach

  • Relationship Coach

  • Marriage Coach

  • Ordained Minister

  • Mental Wellness in Children

  • Advanced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Child Psychology

  • Tarot Card Reading

Suggested Topics

Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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