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Conscious Leadership - what is it REALLY?

Understanding what being a Conscious Leader actually means in practical terms.

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There are many definitions as it is subjective issue and means different things to different people. The definition changes depending on if you are a community based project, your business is medium to large or you are solopreneur. However I believe there are 7 Principles that are the foundation to any conscious leadership path or business...I call them the 7 'C' Principles...they are:

  1. Consciousness  – being more connected with ourselves, our environment, personal purpose and business purpose
  2. Compassion - really caring for people and their concerns
  3. Co-creation- allowing ideas, concepts and vision from those who work with us to form the design of our business and lifestyles
  4. Collaboration – working with like minded service providers, clients and staff who’s values are aligned with our own
  5. Contribution – giving back to our team, our clients and to worthy causes with our time and not just money
  6. Culture – to encourage a culture of inclusion and participation
  7. Community – build a community of prosperity and engagement of all parties involved

These fundamental principles create the 'essence' of what it means to be a conscious being in today's ever changing environment. They are certainly not set in stone as like anything in this shifting paradigm it is evolving.

In my own business I include each of these principles in some form to ensure I am living them daily as it is not something you do, but a way of being. It is not always easy as they can be challenging to truly develop, however I started with myself first, finding out how was personally able to live my own life by them. Having gone through many challenges over the past 10 years including a messy divorce, my Mum battling Cancer, the death of my Father, the breakdown of my career, and incredibly bad health, I have had to find my way through it all. This is when I came to appreciate and see that I was naturally embracing each one of these principles as tools to my own survival and ultimately redesign of my self and my life. So much of the essence of each one of these principles I witnessed in some way, experienced in many ways, in nature. Yes nature - as it has an abundance of these principles being lived every moment of every day. You just need to stop, listen and pay attention. Becoming present in the moment, being still and seeing, feeling and experiencing each minute in a completely connect way, is what helped me get through the most challenging years of my life.

I know have an amazing group of friends who are more like family, that are also aligned and have gone through similar experiences, who have also found each of these principles playing a powerful role in their lives. The work I do and the clients I have seem to also be aligned with the essence of each one of these principles - so much so there is an unspoken understanding and natural connection like no other.

The word 'leadership' has always bothered me in some aspect as I honestly believe we all lead in our way and no one is better at it than anyone else. It has always symbolized a hierarchical application which I have never been fond of, as just don't believe in it. Leadingship is much more connected to the way in which I believe and feel works productively for all those involved. The word 'leadingship' means leading by example - walking your talk so that you fully understand the path and essence of the journey, in order to step up and empower others to do the same.

This is the new paradigm that is sweeping across the world and permeating in every area of society and business, and it is one that can essentially save humanity from it's own self destruction. If only we would take the time to stop, listen and feel with open hearts, what is really important for us to focus on. Becoming more conscious is the key to our survival. No one said it would be easy as once you are more conscious of the realities of the world you can never unknow. It is a leap of faith but one that is grounded in true evolution of the human kind.


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