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Wants v Needs

Wants v needs Question for you. Do you need what you want, and do you want what you need? I think it is probably sa

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Wants v needs

Question for you.

Do you need what you want, and do you want what you need?

I think it is probably safe to say that we all want to be happy, safe, and well and we also need to be happy safe and well.

We might want a big house, a fast car, or several foreign holidays a year, and there is nothing wrong with that if you can afford it, but is it really what you need? In fact, is it really what you want, or do you feel this is what you should want because you can afford it?

Does this put pressure on you at work or mean that you must keep a job that you really don’t want because it doesn’t make you happy?

If you’re staying at home because of the lockdown, this might be something that have thought about. Could you live on a lower income if you took a job that paid less? What would be the consequences? This may be a question that you have asked yourself before but never took it seriously, most likely due to fear of change or fear of failure.

I don’t believe in failure anymore. I used to believe in it and the list of things that I thought I had failed at is a very long one. Now I look back on that list and see that I didn’t fail. Things may not have worked out the way I thought or hoped they would but that doesn’t mean I failed. Some things I felt were failures because they didn’t gain approval from the people who mattered to me. In those cases, I definitely did not fail. In other cases, it was a learning experience.

Change can be a good thing. Forced change can make you evaluate your life. It can force you into doing things that you may have been afraid to do in the past or stop doing things you may have done in the past.

I have had everything, and I have lost everything. It was only when I lost everything that I realised I didn’t actually need most of what I had lost especially when it came to the material things in life. I have to say that even though I would like certain things (not all material), I have come to learn that I don’t need these things and I am much happier, and my life is far more fulfilling without them.

When it comes to wanting what you need and example is you may not want to go to the dentist but you may need to go to the dentist.

A more complex example is you may want to stay in a destructive relationship, but is that what you need? Another example is wanting to stay in a job that puts a huge amount of stress on you affecting health or relationships, but is this what you need?

Think about it. Do you need what you want, and do you want what you need?






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