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Moms of the world!!

During COVID 19, moms have to walk an extra mile. This is an effort to motivate and praise their efforts.

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To all those women out there
Be it a housewife nurse or a teacher
It’s time to don your glasses of endurance and percevierance
Of serenity sensibility and supremacy
Now is the test when the world is at

It’s we the women who have the power to hear the unheard to foresee the unseen
To hold the tsunami of emotions inside and outside
The world has centered at you

Endlessly your family is
Looking at you tirelessly secretly selfishly forcibly and lovingly
Your courage deepens their strength and your tears throw them apart
They have nowhere to go... to cry... to fly

Wearing a face mask to face the’s their creed
Will never ever accept your need
But look into their eyes and u will see your reflection
You are the warriors of today
Take your swords and build an army for tomorrow

Put their boats in your ship
Feed them with energy optimism humor and love
Your strength and wit will transpire manifolds
You will see the ship rising
Rising above all the fears and tears
It will move smashing all the hurdles
And you the captain will sail it
Sail it far and near even in this new world built on chip
And I assure you... it will NOT be the last ship....
By Mala Bhatnagar



Suggested Topics

Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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