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How to change your life in 1 session

What Rapid Transformational Therapy is and how it can help with almost any issue.

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What makes Rapid Transformational Therapy different?

RTT’s founder Marisa Peer discovered she could solve most of her client’s issues by

combining techniques from different disciplines. When used repeatedly, she found

the combined effects to be more transformative than she’d previously thought - it had

both healing and transformative powers. These powers made it the perfect therapy,

and that is why RTT is internationally recognized and won 13 awards in 2018!

RTT is unique: it works fast and eliminates the need for many therapy sessions.

A single therapy session is good enough to get to the bottom of your issues and set

you on a path to recovery. In fact, you only need a max of 3 RTT therapy sessions for

more chronic conditions. How’s that for a benefit?

How does a typical Rapid Transformational Therapy Session go?


Many clients expect a fast resolution of their psychological and emotional pains—

no matter the enormity of the issues. That’s no challenge for RTT. Using techniques

such as "Role Function", this approach offers clients a way to release any negative energy they may have stored in their subconscious – thereby relieving them of their pain. RTT leverages other techniques like "Cell Command Therapy" as a modality to heal the body by talking directly to the subconscious mind.

If you have perpetual and recurring issues, RTT recognizes that clients can hold on to trauma for years. This therapy acknowledges the significance of "unfinished business" from the past and draws it out for wholesome healing.

The session begins with a relaxing induction. Regression and other techniques approaches are then used to gain insight, and then, to conclude, we reprogram your subconscious mind with a transformative recording. The session ends with the client being restored back to balance with a peaceful, renewed sense of self. 

Who needs Rapid Transformational Therapy?

Anyone who needs healing should try RTT. Because it distills the best of many top therapies, RTT has transformative and healing powers over anxiety and depression, low self-esteem, sleeping problems, addictions, phobias, physical issues, and even relationship problems.

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