Apr 17, 2021 in NLP

Why is reality subjective?

We think reality is what we see but we see just a tiny part of what is happening and we see what we seek.

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Every second our brain is receiving 2M bits of information however we can only consciously process 135 of them, which have been generalised, distorted and deleted according to our values, beliefs, motivations etc. This means not only that there is an enormous amount of info we ignore but also what we process it’s been accurately filtered by our brain, kind of like if you constantly had one of those Instagram filters on, and that filter has been programmed in your childhood. 

How much are you missing during a day, week, month, year? Research in neuroscience has shown that by reframing our reality in a more positive way we can rewire our brain to detect more opportunities in our environment. If you want to change your mindset, coaching is one of the most efficient way to do that.

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