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Applying Key Marketing Communication Principles in Job Search Campaigns

A job search campaign is similar to marketing a product or service. Key marketing principles are valid in a job search.

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A job search campaign is a competitive event that is similar to marketing or selling a product or service. If you are a job seeker, think about yourself as a “product” that you want to “sell” in the job market. What is your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that sets you apart as a “product”, offering great value to potential “buyers” (employers)? How effectively can you communicate this message to them?

Before we begin the process of marketing and selling yourself it will be helpful to understand the four Marketing Communication (MarCom) principles of Reach, Message, Frequency, MarCom Matrix and how these concepts translate to a job search campaign.

The first principle, Reach, directs a company or sales/marketing department to reach, through numerous means, as many buyers (or those who influence buying) as possible. One of your important marketing goals is to reach as many potential buyers (employers) of your product (You the job seeker) as you can. Many successful job seekers have pointed to a direct relationship between the number of contacts they made and the number of interview opportunities they received.

The second principle is to craft a strategic Message that articulates your USP. Companies that sell products or services spend millions of dollars creating and communicating just the right message to ensure that customers will recall, respond favorably to and buy their products or services. This is called branding in marketing. Likewise, your “branding message”, continuously delivered to contacts and hiring managers whether online or in person, should be consistent and precise and resonate well with them.

The third principle is the principle of Frequency. This concept says that people need to be told something multiple times if they are expected to remember it. The best sales representatives stay in continuous contact with customers and potential customers. In essence, sales representatives who are the most successful are persistent. Your goal is to repeat your message often enough so you are remembered for who you are and what value you bring to the table for potential employers. The bottom line is that you want and need to be remembered both now and in the future, and you need to establish top of mind awareness that relates your name to your career focus.

The fourth principle is the principle of MarCom Matrix. There are a variety of ways that companies deploy to promote a product or service. These methods are collectively referred to as Marketing Communications (MarCom) Matrix, and include direct marketing, public relations/publicity, new media, marketing events and advertising. Similarly, job searching requires a strong mix of strategy and tactics. A job search campaign relies on the implementation of various methods of search. An effective job search campaign relies on the implementation of four methods. They include:

  • Responding to published openings—online and in classifieds
  • Working with recruiters
  • Contacting companies directly
  • Networking – Locating a “bridge” into a target company

In summary, your goal is to have people remember you and your message in a job search campaign. Your branding message (USP), continuously delivered to contacts and hiring managers whether online or in person, will establish “brand awareness” in the minds potential employers. If you are effective in creating your brand awareness, then your contacts will remember you and will refer opportunities to you during your job search and possibly for years after.

Thank you for reading! I hope this short discussion is helpful to you.

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