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Career Direction and Career Decisions

Career Continuation or Career Change (Pivot) – that is a key question that confronts many job seekers today.

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Is career continuation or career change (career pivot) the right path for you?

Many job seekers find themselves at a crossroads where they confront the decision either to continue working in their most recent career or industry or to begin working in a field or job unrelated to anything they have done previously. Regardless of the career path you choose, you will need to plan thoroughly and tailor the job search process including your “marketing campaign”.

There are three key areas to assess in order to get clarity in your overall career direction and make a sound career decision.


Take into consideration your skills, knowledge and professional experience.


Take into consideration your career vision, interests and things you truly enjoy doing.


Take into consideration the key drivers or motivators that propel you in your chosen career direction. These include your values and core beliefs and your personal preferences consistent with your career vision and lifestyle including work-life balance, income, location and flexibility.

If you are choosing career continuation

The most expedient way to gain new employment is to build on and market your existing well-developed skills and experiences. If you have found satisfaction in your career thus far and want to advance this career path, your decision is clear cut—career continuation.

A career continuation “marketing campaign” begins with:

  • Conducting a career self-assessment
  • Preparing your “marketing” documents such as resume, LinkedIn profile, elevator pitch etc.
  • Learning about the methods used to conduct a search

If you are choosing career change or career pivot

If career change is your decision, you likely will spend considerable time in the beginning of your career transition program on in-depth exploration. These include informational interviewing with professionals who hold the types of jobs that interest you, networking and using tools such as self-assessments, research databases, and joining relevant professional associations. This may also entail acquiring additional educational training and certification if necessary.

A career change or career pivot “marketing campaign” begins with:

  • Completing a thorough self-assessment and/or career/personality tests
  • Conducting informational interviews with professionals in your targeted careers
  • Researching employment trends and various job markets
  • Preparing your “marketing” documents such as resume, LinkedIn profile, elevator pitch, networking script etc.

In the past, a job was simply a way to earn a living. But today, employees’ needs for personal job satisfaction and for striking an appropriate work/life balance have taken on greater importance. Employees do not have to continue doing something that they don’t enjoy just because it is what they have always done. The bottom line is that you are in control of your career direction and career decision.

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