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How to write “killer” Accomplishment statements in your Resume?

Writing compelling accomplishment statements in your resume is key to getting you an interview by the hiring company.

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Your resume serves as your “sales or product” brochure, as mentioned in my previous article entitled “What makes a Good Resume?”.

Accomplishment statements are perhaps the most important part of your resume. Writing compelling accomplishment statements is key to getting your resume noticed by hiring managers and getting you an interview. Your accomplishments give them a sense of your ability to add value to a company or solve their problems.

Given in the infographic is a four-question-exercise to help you write compelling accomplishments. Think of significant actions that you took to make key contributions or resolve problems and the results achieved. Accomplishment statements should be essentially “one liners” stating key actions and results. Make each statement interesting, but keep some intrigue as to how you achieved the accomplishment. After all, you want to be called for an interview.

Example: Increased customer satisfaction by 25% by improving product reliability and reducing time to solve customer issues.

A second method to write effective statement is to use PAR or S/TAR exercise.

P or S/T stands for the problem/challenge or situation/task you faced.

A stands for the action you took to resolve the problem.

R stands for the result or outcome of your actions.

Example: Turned a troubled company operation around from an annual loss of $500,000 to an annual profit of $1,500,000.

Thank you for reading! I hope this is helpful to you.

Suggested Topics

Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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