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Does PERFECTION actually exist?

Some people are waiting for the PERFECT life. Other people are saying that PERFECTION doesn't exist. What do you think?

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How many times did you hear someone saying that they want to have that perfect life? Saying what the perfect relationship looks like, and the perfect house, perfect career and so on?

How many times did you hear someone saying that perfection doesn't exist?

People think different,  act different and feel different. But what if I will tell you that everything is already perfect or that you are already perfect,  would you believe me? Probably not. But let me explain you something that will make you think. 

 Perfection comes from within us. Same thing happens with happiness, love, compassion, fulfillment, joy, kindness. Everything comes from within us. We already are perfect, because we have the ability to create whatever we want. We are part of everything that exists and what we think is what we create.  Same as what we give is what we get. 

There are many types of perfection, because perfection means something different for each person. But it actually exists. Also, an important thing you should know is that, even you are perfect, you can always improve yourself, if you choose to do so. Times are changing, and so do we. We change, we improve, we adapt. All that we have to do is to believe that it is possible for us and that we deserve to have perfection in our lives. We need to allow ourselves to know what it means and what it feels like to have perfection in our lives. But in order to do that, we have to take action. We need to change our limiting beliefs with empowering ones. 

The key to succes is within you, and it always was. You are loved, successful and perfect. Allow yourself to see it. 


With Unconditional Love,

Maria Jula. 

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