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Overcoming Overeating

Under standing and identifying why we over eat. My experience with over Eating. Learning how to stop it.

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Why do we over eat? We many people do it every day. The struggle in most cases is admitting that the problem of over eating exists, identifying why it happens and descovering the best ways to stop it. I suffered many years of over indulging in foods I should not eat. After struggling with many health problems due to over eating, decided to change my life. But I realized that I couldn't and shouldn't do it by myself. So I went to a professionals who helped me with improving my self care, improve my self love and motivation to improve me. I soon realized that I over ate not just because the food tasted good, not just because I was hungry for food but because I needed to learn how to love and value myself. I was so used to giving of myself to others that I had not developed a strong Spence of self awareness, care, devotion and love for myself. This is what most people who over eat deal with. It just had to be identified. I now spend time educating and motivation my clients on how to fix this problem. Finding a solution to this matter will turn your life around 100%. We hurt only because we allow ourselves to. We are happy only because we allow ourselves to be. Me must identify why we do what we do so that we may then heal.  Once you do that. Then and only then will you be able to put overeating to a holt.


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