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Five Daily Habits, to start to work on your career change.

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Last week of December, and this week, I’ve been talking with many clients about their career changes. Clients that are already in the process, clients that are starting the process, and clients that are looking to start the process.

Everyone is walking their path, but all of them struggle with starting. All of us will agree that creating something new is always a struggle. Creating new habits is not always easy.

Our brain, our subconscious, does not like new things. They like to follow the same patterns and paths they always follow automatically, without any effort. Then we need to add that the mission of our brain is to protect us. So, every time we fear something new (the most typical and common), we do not know what will happen. The struggle starts.

That’s why we set goals that we never achieve; we quit when things are getting unpleasant. We lie to ourselves when the imposter shows up. And this is no different when we think about changing our careers.

A career change is an act of bravery, and people who walk that path will agree with me. Everyone fears earning less money, losing stability, and losing that “false security” created in our minds. A career change is much more sensitive to the fear of losing that security because money is involved.

The dream about living doing something we like is wonderful, but we all need to pay the bills in the end. And a career change should be a process, not what most people think: I am fed up, I quit, I look for another job

I always say to all my clients, don’t quit. Unless you have the savings to live comfortably for 6 months to a year. 

I started to be a Career Change Coach because I worked for a long time where everyone was unhappy. Still, anyone was doing nothing except complaint to change their reality.

Everyone blamed it on the pay, but I saw many of them who simply wasn’t the right fit, making them unmotivated. This led to many hours browsing online, which led to the minimum effort and no pay rises at the end of the year.

We all are made from the same; if one person can do it, is not a reason why you cannot do it too. Just to ingredients: Responsibility and Inner- Work.

Responsibility: Always is something that we can do to change our situation. Let do not focus on what others will or can do. What we can do to improve our situation starting Today?

Inner-work: If I don’t know myself, I wouldn’t be able to take that responsibility. And will lead to a lot of disappointments and frustrations.

That’s why Today, I want to give you 5 daily habits that will help if you are thinking about making a career change this 2022:

  1. Track your goals daily; Keep your planner organized and check it daily, you can do it here.
  2. Daily gratitude; Even right now, you have your job. Take what serve you right now from it. It is a salary? It is flexible? What it is that helps you right now from your job? Be grateful.
  3. Learn a new skill; Is there something you would like to learn to get closer to that career you dream of? If you do not know yet what you want to do, maybe you could learn a transferable skill? Make a workshop or course about personal growth? Learning is constantly pouring in, and think that we need to have poured in before to pour out in any field.
  4. Start your Achievements Log; my clients always struggle to get their achievements out. It’s a perfect moment to start your log. To be prepared, go here to start.
  5. Ask for help; if you do not know where to start, ask for help, you do not need to do it alone. Go here.

Here I will give you 4 questions to journal about your habits:

  1. I am doing everything in my power to change my situation?
  2. What can I do better to improve my career?
  3. What I can do differently to improve my career?
  4. From 0-10, how committed I am to changing my career?

If you find out you will need help to create your habits; I will leave you here three ways of how I can help you:

If you are committed to making this career change and doing the inner work. Instead of freaking out and convincing yourself to stay safe but not growing, and it looks like you are not getting anywhere by yourself. You realize you feel stuck and need someone to help you get through it. Contact me!

Life is happening right now, and time is the only thing we will never get back, to lose it in a job where we spent most of our time that we hate.  



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