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5 first steps to change your career. — Joana Llasses

Blog about the first steps to make a succesful career change. You can find practice exercises as well.

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Do you feel lost regarding your career change? Have you thought about it, but you don’t know how to start? One of the most significant setbacks you encounter is that you do not know how to plan it? Do you have idea of which are the first steps of a career change?

One of the more significant mistakes career changes make is not analyzing what’s going on when we do not feel comfortable in our current job.

Most of us wait too long to take action until we are desperate. Then we want to make that change quickly, really sorry to tell you, but if you act like this, you only will be putting a patch on an issue that needs more attention.

I know what you are thinking, money is essential, and we need to pay bills. Maybe you don’t even know what you like, or you have an idea already, but you do not know how to start, make a plan, or move forward.

Whatever the situation is. Let me tell you something, it won’t be sorting it out by itself, and as much time you let pass, the bigger become the problem and the more feed up you get. This five first steps will help you to get started with that.

The first thing we should do is inner-work. Sorry to insist on that; it is the biggest issue we face nowadays, where 55% of millennials are unhappy with their jobs. Lack of inner-work, repeating the parents’ patterns, considering salary as the first thing to change careers.

If you want to know what we prioritize when looking for a new career, check one of my past blogs

Before starting with the first steps, you should ask yourself these four questions:

Before anything, when you feel uncomfortable at your job, without being fed up, as I already said a lot of times, career change is a process, and it’s work. So it will take time.

I will recommend you ask yourself these questions and do those exercises I left you here. Then you can start with the first steps below.

After that comes the five first steps I will leave here:

  1. Work on your why and for what you want to do it. — Without a why and being aligned with our values will be challenging to feel fulfilled in any job. Don’t miss this blog when I talked about Why you are never happy with any job?
  2. List your strengths and achievements — That is one of the keys to any career change that will shed light on what you already have and what is transferable?. And against what many people believe, I think we should focus on what we already are good at. We can do much more things than we think. Most of the time is not a lack of knowledge but a lack of self-confidence. Check if you want to know more about it.
  3. Assess where you are right now — It is impossible to get where we want to know without knowing where we are right now. And that is self-knowledge, my friend. So be realistic, and check all the aspects that can affect your career change. Which is the current situation to make this move?
  4. List what you will need to make that change. -Typically, this is in what we focus on: staying in our comfort zone and not making the next move. What do you need to make that career change happen? Savings, learn a new skill, get rid of limiting beliefs, make a plan and strategy. Whatever it is, make a list and think about how you can sort it out.
  5. Set a timeline and milestones to follow with an action plan. — Nothing is impossible, but lack of planning and goal setting can be a huge setback. So after you have done all these exercises and taken the time to compile all the info. What is the next step do you need to take? Write it down and put a timeline on it.

What are you waiting for? To start to work on yourself and make that change!

You have free tools and high-value information to start today to make that change. It is really up to you to do it

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