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A blog, explaining that you can be an entrepreneur without owning a business, transforming who you are in what you do.

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With all that entrepreneur hype after the pandemic. Do you feel you can only execute your purpose by owning a business? Are you overwhelmed by the idea that you will never find a good place to work? Do you believe that you need to set up your own business to level up in your career?

This week, I had a few conversations with different people, thinking that setting up a bussines is the only way to be fulfilled, and I thought of  write this blog and clarify a few things.

First, what is being an entrepreneur?

If we see the definition of entrepreneur, it says:

" A person who organizes and manages any enterprise especially a business usually with considerable initiative and risk"

I will add as well. A person that is being at service delivering value, and have done massive inner-work, to know the below questions:

  1. Who am I?
  2. What do I do better than others?
  3. How can I convert who I am into what I do?
  4. What do I want to achive with my career?

 Most people get lost and unclear on who they are; the most basic question any human begin should work on knowing.  

We are programmed to an old memo of being "successful". All of us want to be the best, achieving and winning, no matter what. 

How this is possible if I do not know the four questions I asked you above?

Discover our purpose is making sure we will give the best of us in everything we do; because we have a meaning. The secret of the purpose is to convert who you are into what you do.

And you can change as many jobs/careers as you want if you don't do the inner-work first identifying who you are, which are your skills, what you like and do not like, your values,mission, vision.

In other words, knowing yourself very well. You will keep being unfulfilled, and you won't be finding that meaning. It is not the job/career, is that we cannot go to a place that we do not know yet about it.

Entrepreneurship is believing in what you do and aligning that with your values. You can do that perfectly in a project that you did not create.

The entrepreneur attitude, you can have it by working for an employee. 

The secret is how you live it, how much you know yourself, how much you believe in yourself, and if you have identified the value you can add to that project. Are you giving the best of yourself there?

When you look at the mirror daily, do you feel successful? Whatever success means for you. Because if you do not feel what you will choose for you, then it is not success.

In your small universe, that is your role; you can build your projects, your way of doing things.

The key is to find a job where you can be who you are and shine, and this is being an entrepreneur.

To find this, you need to know yourself! The power is in you from the beginning!

All roles are necessary, and you can be at service and deliver your value hand in hand with a leader you believe in and an enterprise that matches your values.

I know cleaners who are happy with their career, I know waitresses who are satisfied with their job, the role does not matter, if it reflects your values and who you are.

Example: You are a person, that loves having spaces tidy and organized, and you love to give that service to people; being a cleaner can align with who you are.

You can perfectly align and connect with a project that feels like your own, you are excited daily to go to work, and you want to give your best; when that is the case, and this happens, you create possibilities.

But most people do not know themselves; they choose a job based on salary and other stuff that is not the key to this (if you want to know more about it, check my blog to identify your natural skills). 

So we choose a job without really knowing how we can serve there and give our value. We are frustrated, blame the employee, do the bare minimum, use the quote "that is not my job for every possible opportunity we got to grow and learn", get our salary, and complain all day without taking any action. 

Sorry to say that, but you have the power, depending on your implication, and your creativity. And in the worst scenario, of your courage to quit.

A job/career need to have a purpose, a meaning, because if not, you are only exchanging your time for money, and it is a hell of a lot of time at the end of our lives the time we spend working. So if you only are exchanging time for money, and this time, you are unhappy, doing things that you don't really like, your energy drains!

If you want to start working on yourself, find a job where you can really deliver value, grow, and execute your purpose, I got a free guide to identify your blocks and discover your core values, to start that process of inner-work. Take the first step today and Download my guide into your heart-led career change.

If you want to commit to make this career change and doing the inner work, instead of hopping from job to job without knowledge and strategy, and it looks like you are not getting anywhere by yourself, and you realize you feel stuck and need someone to help you get through it. So let's have a free vibe call! I got you!

Life is happening right now, and time is the only thing we will never get back, to lose it in a job where we spent most of our time that we hate.  Let's design your Heart-led Career Change together right now!

If you want more tips and coaching exercises to make a succesful career change, follow me on Instagram @joanallassescoach.

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