Oct 25, 2021 in Career Coaching

The Comfort Zone in your Career Change.

Blog about how the learning zones of the brain work, and how the comfort zone can kill your career.

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Is your comfort zone killing your career? Is it holding you back? Are you terrified to make a move? Do you hate your job but you can’t leave?

This week, I want to help you understand how your comfort zone plays a vital role in changing your career. And how to challenge it to be able to make your next career move.

Everyone has fears, everyone needs to work on taking any risk, and the person that says no! It is lying to you. It is not a magical pill or a secret why some people take risks, and others don’t. Just a difference, knowledge of yourself, how much you want to invest, and how much time you dedicate to work in yourself.

All of us love to be in our comfort zone; our brains love it. The secret is, do you want to be stuck, or do you want to grow? I always said the same, growth is uncomfortable, and it is for everyone, but the rewards are invaluable. 

But we need to dare to challenge and be uncomfortable and uncertain enough time to let the magic happen! 

Let me explain the learning zones model of our brains adapted to our career change because there is where a lot in regards to our fears is critical.

Comfort ZoneThis will represent our “actual job”. Even we hate it; we feel safe and in control. For the most part, we know what we need to do and how to navigate it. Remind that our brain is there to protect us, to keep us safe. And all the things that make us feel uncertain and unsafe, we need to be protected from it. 

Fear Zone: This will represent when we need to quit our current role and start looking for new jobs. There is a lack of confidence (feeling of not being good enough). You probably will find thousands of excuses of how bad it is to take that risk and change your job. Then you look for validation for that excuses in other people (People that probably is not in the same situation, so their opinion has no value).

Example: You want to quit a job that you have been there for three years or more, you hate it, but what you would like to pursue is new, so you think you are not enough experienced. Then you think, but this job is secure, nowadays, it is so difficult to find a job. You talk with your friends and family (the ones that probably didn’t change careers barely ever, or the ones that are happy with their jobs), and they tell you, but what are you thinking? This job is good, you have security, and you are good there. 

Learning Zone: This will be the stage where you are the “new person” in your new career. You will need to deal with some challenges to learn your new position and adapt to your new enterprise. Maybe acquire new skills if it is a role new for you.  Until you get comfortable, you need to pass a specific period.

Growth Zone: This will be the ideal stage for any person when we align our lives to serve our purpose (adjusting the path every time needed). We live our dreams, set reasonable goals, and conquer all the objectives to live fulfilled lives.

We should aim to be most of the time growing, but that is not easy, and we need to challenge the fear and the learning zone.

The three tips to learn to be in our growth zone are:

  • Build trust and resilience. 
  • Have a strategic plan to navigate from one zone to another.
  • Get the help you need.

Here I will leave you four questions to identify where it can be your block of fear, to work on it:

  1. Which good things provides your current job/career to your life? 
  2. Why are you staying in your current career/job? 
  3. Is any way that my current job/career can fulfil my purpose and approach me to my ultimate goal? 
  4. How a new job/career can benefit my life? 

Those four questions should be giving you a complete picture of the situation. If it is a way to fix your current job/career situation, it may be a way to achieve what you want without a change. 

Or the contrary, see what steps you need to follow and take that leap of faith of doing that change finally.

I create a free guide to identify your blocks when you are about to make any change so you can navigate easier the learning zones of your brain. And find your core values which is the first step of any career change. Take the first step today and Download my guide into your heart-led career change.

If you are committed to making this career change and doing the inner work, instead of hopping from job to job without knowledge and strategy, and it looks like you are not getting anywhere by yourself, and you realize you feel stuck and need someone to help you get through it. So let’s have a free vibe call! I got you!

Life is happening right now, and time is the only thing we will never get back, to lose it in a job where we spent most of our time that we hate.  Let’s design your Heart-led Career Change together right now!



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