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Career Achievements

Types of career achievements, to make your resume outstand from the crowd.

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When it is time to talk about Career Achievements, do you get stuck? Aren’t you able to see any achievements? Do you wonder what Achievements are?

If all the above are thoughts going through your mind, keep reading because I will share all the answers in my blog. Like always, I got you!

What are career achievements? Most of the time, you take things for granted as ‘part of the job’, which show how well you do things or when you’ve gone above and beyond. And as well, there might be things you do out of work, like a side hustle, volunteering or be involved in your community, that even you don’t realise are significant achievements. 

A few examples of achievements are:

  • Targets – Did you achieve them? How you did it? 
  • Awards – Did you win one individually or as a part of the team? Why did you win it?
  • Promotions – Have you ever been promoted? 
  • Doing a good job – Think about examples that others recognise your help or compliment the way you do your work.
  • Making improvements – Did you coming up with new procedures? A better way of doing things at work? Any ideas you put on the table?
  • Additional responsibilities – This is a way of showing your value; a promotion that I mentioned before is a way of taking more responsibility. Taking part in a project, training, new work practices. But I am sure some people take extra responsibilities without a promotion, like taking part in a project, training, new work practices.

The one thing that I always recommend to my clients. It is to have a notebook log, where they take notes daily or weekly of the achievements because this is one of the biggest struggles for everyone. Some questions that you can use to write your “Achievement journal” are:

        • What I did today that made a difference?
        • What made me feel proud today?
        • What I did today that no one else could be doing better than me?
        • Did someone make a compliment about my job?
Achievements are essential; to put in our CV, describing tasks, or list the job description, won’t make us stand out in any application. Companies want to know about our honest experience. What value would you add to their teams? Which are the wins in your career?

As well, achievements will be critical in our cover letter. It is the way to make good storytelling, and they are tangible examples of what we have been working on and how we do it!

Another thing to consider and it will be much easier if you have your “Achievements journal.” It is only to highlight relevant achievements that will match the job description post in your CV. 

In the Cover Letter; you can put more achievements that describe your personality, showcase your work ethic, and fully tell you as a professional.

Remember that Companies want to know what you have achieved, not your daily tasks in your roles. They want to know your active contributions, and the asset you are in your company, and above all, the asset they will get to work for them.

Putting work on your achievements will be one of the first things to do when planning a career change. Don’t send CV’s or Cover Letter’s without them, because will be disappointing for you, as you barely will receive any reply. 

Don’t get frustrated because everyone has achievements; it is sometimes hard to see them if you have limiting beliefs, and maybe if you want to do this career change and not take action. 

Perhaps you don’t see any good in your current role, and you feel very disappointed and unfulfilled to see anything worth it.  

But it is there, starts to make your journal of achievements as soon as possible; if the first time, you do not get much out of it, let it go, come back another time, and try to keep it updated daily or weekly. 

If you do all the above and keep feeling that you are struggling too much, seeing your own achievements, the last resource will be hiring a Career Coach. Because maybe you have some blocks, or you need help with something fundamental that get you closer to the goal of landing your dream career.

If you are committed to making this career change, but it looks like you are not getting anywhere by yourself, and you realise you feel stuck and needs someone to help you get through it. 

Life is happening right now, and time is the only thing we will never get back, to lose it in a job where we spent most of our time that we hate. 



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