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How to IKIGAI?

How to find your Career IKIGAI.

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I have always been interested in Japanese culture; I find fascinating their way of living, how their care about the community, the philosophy they have about life in general, really enjoying it and passing it through, leaving a mark instead of a scar. And IKIGAI is one of my favorites topics.

A few months ago, I read a section of the BBC-Travel (50 reason’s to love the world), and I found an article regarding Okinawa Island living to 100

The Okinawa people have no desire to retire, and they want to continue to do their jobs as long as they remain healthy and well. 


I found it interesting because two years ago, I read a book that was the key to finding my own IKIGAI and finally asked myself the questions that I will share with you in this blog. And was a huge part of deciding on becoming a full-time coach ( as I already mentioned, I’ve been coaching all my life without knowing it professionally and personally).

Ikigai is one of the exercises I do in my program because, as mentioned in my other blog, your career mission on the making. When we are about to choose a job, we do it without thinking about the bigger picture.  

That’s why most of us fail on finding the proper position, the right company. We move with the desire to have a good salary, which we first look at, without even thinking if we need to get that fulfilment and ultimately align with our perfect day or life.

Analyzing the key four distinct components of your life can overlap and ultimately lead you to that sweet spot that is your IKIGAI. Here you have the four questions to find your ikigai:

First component: What do you love?; that is the feeling in your gut of what you enjoy doing, and you can enter in a state of flow doing it.

Second component: What you are good at?; if you get stuck here, it is time to get a career coach because you have a block. Or to start to ask friends, family, coworkers, your closest people what they think you are good at. 

Third component: What the world needs? It is something that you can provide value through what you are doing. It will allow you to make a difference in some way.

Fourth component: What you can get paid for? As the salary is the first that people search for a new career or job position, we need that sweet spot to be sustainable financially. 

Replying to those questions should lead you to see the similarities and connect your purpose, mission, profession, and vocation. 

If you find replying to those questions and make those connections between your answers difficult, I can recommend checking all the exercises I share in my weekly blogs before sitting down to that one.

Another option is to subscribe and download my guide to make changes and start from the bottom to understand how to make lasting changes and your core values.

When we feel stuck in a job, and we don’t see the way out, this frustration can affect all areas of our life; I know that because I was there no long ago. And is a haunting feeling.

Answers on how to get out, what to do are inside us; the responsibility of keeping going with all the excuses we find, or moving on, taking that risk, but with a plan, is only ours.

Ikigai is inside all of us, and all of us can reach it. It’s a matter of questioning ourselves, sitting down, getting that questions sorted, and making a plan.

Waiting for the best time to change a career, or start looking for jobs with a higher salary, better benefits or higher holiday allowances, without a plan. And without any questioning of where we want to be in 5 years, not only career-wise but also personally. So this big goal, and strategy, and our vision cristal clear. Only will lead us to another wrong career decision.

If you find challenging all the exercises, then it will be a sign that you need help before making any decision because the probability to jump again in the wrong career path is high. And we can have a vibe call to chat about your case specifically.

“The key to Ikigai is to do what you are meant to do. You have gifts that are begging to put to good use. Understanding Ikigai is a way to put your gifts to work so that you can enjoy their benefits.” 

-Tim Tamashiro-

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