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How to Align your career with who you are.

Do you feel that your career is not aligned? Do you often feel at work that you don’t belong there?

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 Are you bored most of the time, and every little thing frustrates you? 

Those are clear signs that your career is not aligned. Our core values are essential in any career movement and to have a successful career. 

Our values are our motivation; when we talk about work, it is imperative to have a “natural” impulse to go above and beyond in our work performance. 

Do you know your core values?

Another important thing regarding our values and our career is that the company we work for needs to share some of our values or have similar values. If not will be difficult to work with goals and tasks that we do not believe in. Have managers that probably we do not believe in. 

To be satisfied and fulfilled is vital to have our values aligned with our career path, company and the people we will work with.

Values should be the compass in any decision we make. And career is not different; we should decide career-wise, based on our core values.

We have three types of Career Core Values:

  • Intrinsic values are related to the intangibles about the career. These are the values that motivate you and help you feel fulfilled. 
  • Extrinsic values relate to the tangible rewards derived from your career and your work environment. 
  • Lifestyle values. Lifestyle values are a type of second-tier value. What you do for a career and where you work produces a specific kind of lifestyle. The kind of lifestyle you desire can help complete the picture of what you value.

I wish I could say that I knew what I valued in life and what I wanted to do with my career from a young age. It took many years and multiple jobs for me to understand myself, my values, and the importance of keeping those things in alignment with my work.

 For me, I think the answer was there for a long time, but I didn’t see it. I must have been looking for a great cataclysmic event to make things clear. No earthquake produced a sign saying, “This way is your path to career happiness!”  

Until I decide to become a certified coach because I wanted to help people, I did not discover my core values, and I barely knew anything about all this. Once I became a coach and started to work as a coach, many things past and present in my life became crystal clear for me.

I am a firm believer that values change over time. If you are a person that always keeps going out of your comfort zone, like myself, your growth will make your values vary. I didn’t have identical values when I was 18 years old, then when I was 25, or now that I am 35. Here you can read my gap year experience at 25. 

It is essential, even if you know your values if you are about to change, to revaluate your values again and check they are the same as you thought the last time you checked.

I also believe that your career change needs to come in a significant part from your heart and gut. It is the only way to align your career with your values and with who you are!

When we overthink, we can rely a lot upon other people opinions and expectations. Our career is no different than any other big decision in life and should come right from the heart and the gut!

Another thing that can help you identify your core values and work on them for the first time, or again if you are about to change, but maybe those values changed. It is my “Free Guide to make lasting changes”, there you can go here and subscribe to my page to get it. 

I made this guide, giving a detailed explanation of how we work to make changes, and the issue, of why we hold back to make those changes. 

This guide will help you better understand where you are stuck and how to move forward.

If you feel that you are in the wrong career, it is time to move. And you want to take the first step to make this movement; then my guide is the guide.

If you are committed to making this career change, but it looks like you are not getting anywhere by yourself, and you realise you feel stuck and needs someone to help you get through it. So let’s have a free vibe call! I got you!

Life is happening right now, and time is the only thing we will never get back, to lose it in a job where we spent most of our time that we hate.  

Let’s design your Heart-led Career Change together right now!


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