12 years ago was the first time I took the hand of my courage instead of the comfort of my fear. When I took my first solo trip to the US.

Wasnt easy after the worst period of my life, with no fucking idea of who I was, without the most supportive environment for me to take risks and explore. But I just trusted my gut and take a leap of faith that everything will be fine, knowing that always the best is yet to come.

12 years ago, when everything began. Since that has been a lot of trials and errors until the point I am today. Now, I reach my true self, without any makeup, owning every part of me, light and shadow. Accepting that every aspect of my journey was perfect and everything happens for a reason.

Since 2009, I've been pushing myself out of my comfort zones, trying to find my purpose. It was not easy; when your goals and dreams are so different from the people surrounding you, never is. But I kept being bold because the only way out is through.

Remember, if you play small, you stay small. It's okay to want more. DO more. BE more.

What about you, you wanna play life ALL IN, or keep sitting on the bench?