So this artical is about helping others and other people in your life even if you are overwhelmed and this will help to think about the variety of peoples problems and how to help them even if you aren't going through what they are, so one of th main things you want to do is try to make them feel like they sent alone and like they have you. The reason this world for helping people is because if they are going through a rough patch in their life. It may just be what they need. Make sure that they feel secure in the relationship. You have to not try to relate when they are talking to you but comfort them life if they have issues with their parents and you don't they won't feel like you understand so you want to try to make them feel as good as possible and you can try to say things like it will get better and try o pep talk them in a way to fix things and or just make themselves feel better in the sense of sertain ways.