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Have you been abandoned by a loved one?

You CAN heal with the help of an Online Life Coach. Message one for free today.

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Devastating instances of abandonment are all too common across the world. Parents abandon their children, partners abandon their spouses, and others abandon those who love them. To understand just how widespread this problem is, it’s estimated by the United Nations that parents or families have abandoned 60 million children who now must live in orphanages or other care facilities.

No matter the circumstances, abandonment can be tragic for those who are left behind. Divorce, breakups, and other instances of abandonment are no laughing matter, either.

Life after abandonment.

Unfortunately, all it takes is one instance of hurtful abandonment to result in potentially life-altering emotions. Those who have been abandoned by their parents, spouses, or other loved ones are very likely to carry that fear of abandonment with them for a long time.

Abandonment issues may include:

  • A lack of trust in others;
  • Withdrawal;
  • A tendency to self-sabotage new relationships;
  • Unhealthy obsessions with pleasing others;
  • Anxiety about disappointing loved ones;
  • Codependent behaviors.

Find an Online Life Coach

We want to take a moment to compassionately emphasize that all of these are perfectly normal responses to tragic cases of abandonment trauma. If you’ve experienced child abandonment or if you’ve been abandoned by someone else important to you, know that you are not alone and that there is no need for you to feel guilt.

Even better, be uplifted by the fact that you don’t have to live with this abandonment trauma forever, and it is possible to heal!

In pursuit of healing.

Above all else, there is one way that we recommend pursuing recovery from abandonment fear—establishing a relationship with a Life Coach.

Many people with traumatic abandonment experiences have found benefit in speaking with a Life Coach about their abandonment and how it has affected them later in life. Now, with the internet capable of connecting these individuals with professionals across the world, time and location are no barriers to receiving help and finding healing.

If you are currently fighting the fear of relationships or personal issues caused by past abandonment, an Online Life Coach can work individually with you to overcome the hurt, move forward, and thrive. 

Online life coaching is a valuable opportunity to work one-on-one with a professional who will know how to help no matter the particulars of your circumstances. Don’t put off your healing any longer! 

Find an Online Life Coach


Suggested Topics

Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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