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Gail De Souza is a Leadership Love Attraction and Life Coach. Her main areas of expertise are in soulmate relationships, heartache, money and career. Gail is well versed in working with people from culturally diverse backgrounds. She also underwent extensive training in love coaching. 

She has spent 28 years studying the A-Z of spiritual teachings with the conclusion that love must flow in all areas of your life to build successful relationships. Gail uses many powerful techniques to help her Clients. 

Whether you need help with mending your relationship, finding new love, or healing after a difficult breakup. Gail can even help you to express your love to your partner and show you how to improve your relationship or marriage. 

If you're single and lonely, through a number of powerful techniques, she can work through releasing negative beliefs and any old loves lurking about in your consciousness. Gail will help you to get soulmate ready and work through the stages of the meeting, dating, commitment, marriage and beyond. 

What is relationship and love coaching? 

Relationship and love coaching is suitable for both married and unmarried couples. With the help of a Coach, you and your partner can work together through your issues. Relationship and Love Coaches can also help you to identify the problems and the root causes of your problems. With each session, you can learn how to deal with problems and prevent them in the future. 

For those who are lonely and looking for love, a Coach can help you to overcome these negative feelings, show you how to build healthy relationships, provide you with dating and safety tips. A Coach can also boost your confidence and show you the right path to finding your soulmate. They will also prevent you from getting into rebound and toxic relationships. 

Some benefits of relationship and love coaching:

  • Improve communication in your relationship;
  • Show you how to identify issues and work through them with your partner;
  • Work through intimacy issues and rekindle the spark;
  • Help you and your partner to build trust between each other;
  • Identify your expectations in a partner;
  • Recover from past relationship issues and move forward; 
  • Show you how to compromise with one another;
  • Provide you with the best dating tips and show you how to stay safe - if you're single. 

Gail has also published many helpful and interesting articles on WikiExpert and through her articles, you can learn more about finding love and connecting through sex. 

Five tips for finding real love.


Tips to attract your soulmate. People spend more time researching their mobile than someone to share their life with.

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Sex with your soulmate. 

Sex with your soulmate

No better way to connect soulmates than uniting them with sex. Sex is a beautiful experience on its own because of the art.

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Social distancing when attracting love.

Social distancing when attracting love

An inner gain if you are single, to change your script of how you dated in the past & to reboot into soulmate love!

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Ready to get the love you deserve or improve your relationship? You can view Gail De Souza's profile, read all her articles and message her for free to book a session.

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