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Help your child to expand his vocabulary.

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As a parent, you know the importance of helping your child to learn a robust vocabulary from a young age—knowing more words and having the ability to use these words effectively will lead to improved communication skills and more ample opportunities for success down the road.

Here, we’d like to review a few practical tips to ensure that your child is expanding their vocabulary at an appropriate rate, as well as how to communicate sufficiently with this new vocabulary.

Introduce your child to an English dictionary and thesaurus.

Equally useful for both native and non-native English speakers, a dictionary and thesaurus set is an essential tool for any parent who is helping their child to improve their vocabulary. Make sure that your child has access to these books, and teach them how to use each reference appropriately.

Encourage your child to maintain a daily journal.

The content of this journal isn’t important—let your child know that they can write about their day’s experiences, a dream vacation, or any story that pops into their head. What matters most is that they are learning to integrate vocabulary words into new sentences and contexts. Let them know that this can be fun, and use this activity to encourage creativity!

Vary the way you use words in sentences.

Challenge your child to vary the way that they communicate common phrases, and make sure that they are using new vocabulary words properly within full sentences. Knowing only the definition of new vocabulary words means little if they are unable to also use the word appropriately within a sentence!

Make reading a habit.

If you’re wondering how to expand your vocabulary and your child’s, make it a habit to read together. By reading widely and investigating unfamiliar words, you can organically introduce your child to new vocabulary words.

Partner with an Online English Tutor.

Online English tutoring brings professional advice and teaching skill to the comfort of your own home. Engage your child outside the classroom with these online sessions, where a Tutor who is passionate about the English language will expand your child’s vocabulary and language skills by introducing new words. Plus, these Tutors can make learning fun by playing vocabulary games with your child and help him to use existing vocabulary in new ways.

With so many vocabulary words to learn, why delay your child’s progress? Implement these vocabulary-forming habits immediately, and don’t forget to hire an Online English Tutor to tie it all together and help your child learn how to improve vocabulary usage. Browse through our list of Online English Tutors and message them for free today!

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