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Megan McCarthy is a certified Life Coach and she has been a self-development Coach for over a decade. She is dedicated to helping people to find inner peace, overcome fear and find happiness through meditation and other relaxation techniques. Megan also specializes in helping Clients to boost their self-confidence and self-love. In addition to happiness, peace and self-love, she also strives to help parents with finding happiness and with making it through the struggles. Let's get to know more about Megan:

WikiExpert: COVID-19 has left many feeling anxious, stressed and fearful. Would you recommend meditation to help with combating these feelings? If so, why? 

Megan McCarthy: Yes, I definitely recommend meditation. It has helped me and many I know with anxiety and stress. This gives you the opportunity to calm down the body and the mind. I believe that most of our anxiety comes from worrisome thoughts, so meditation is a brilliant way to stop those thoughts and gives room for peaceful thoughts and feelings. The best time to meditate would be in the morning when your mind has rested and it's a great way to set the tone for the day.

WikiExpert: Many are in isolation, feeling depressed and lonely. How do you advise them? 

Megan McCarthy: First, I would recommend opening a window in the morning to let some fresh air and sunlight in. When we are stuck inside for too long, getting in touch with nature is a great way to lift your mood. The second thing is to do something different in your day that you normally wouldn’t do. For example, moving furniture around helps to change up the energy in a room. Letting go of things around the house you no longer need or want. I just donated a coat rack that I never used, it just sat there and I replaced it with something I love. Now when I walk through my door it makes me smile. Once you shift the energy in your home, your energy starts to as well. The last thing I would recommend is to dance like nobody's watching! I do this often and it always lifts my spirits. :)

WikiExpert: How do you advise these people to use their time productively? What can they do indoors to occupy themselves? 

Megan McCarthy: There are so many things to suggest but I will give my top 6.

  1. Play board games;
  2. Rest, relax, meditate, create a self-care routine (this is still being very productive);
  3. Read that book you’ve always wanted to start or finish;
  4. Write that book you’ve always wanted to write;
  5. Watch movies;
  6. Declutter/organize.

WikiExpert: For parents who are stuck with their children at home during this period, how would you advise them to cope and find time for themselves? 

Megan McCarthy: This is a great opportunity to adopt a self-care routine, and in turn, it will teach your children how to self-care just by being an example. By carving out at least 10 minutes a day to take time for yourself. Anything you love doing. Even if it's just sipping coffee in peace. Give yourself that time. By giving to yourself first, your children will be better for it, better to you, easier to handle, etc. This is “mommy or daddy time.” When they see how important it is to you to do things for yourself, and how happy it makes you, they will adopt that mentality as well. So it really is a win, win to be selfish (in a good way).

WikiExpert: In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges parents are facing during these unprecedented times and how do you help them to solve it? 

Megan McCarthy: What I have been noticing is how overwhelmed parents are right now. Their family routines all of a sudden changed. What I advise is to develop a new routine not only for yourself as parents, but for your children as well. Coming up with a routine together and finding one that suits everyone will soothe the uncertain feeling. That feeling of knowing what you as a family unit do every day to make your lives better will help create an empowering movement forward. 

WikiExpert: Apart from meditation, what other relaxation techniques do you recommend to Clients? Which are the most effective?

Megan McCarthy: When we hear the word meditation, most people think it’s sitting in a quiet space, hands-on knees, and cross-legged, but the great thing about meditation is there are so many different ways to do it. I always advise my Clients when it's not easy for them to sit and quiet their minds, to instead do a movement meditation. This way it gets you out of your mind and into your body. This helps to get into the present moment, which in turn relaxes the body. It's one of my favorite ways to meditate. Some movement meditations I suggest are qigong exercise, Thai chi, Nia, and walking a labyrinth. 

WikiExpert: What does a typical online meditation session look like? 

Megan McCarthy: This can be conducted preferably in a quiet comfortable room or space. Once the meditation is started the Client can turn off the screen and get extra comfortable if they choose to. We first connect and then we go through deep breathing, from there depending on what's needed, it's either a visualization meditation or getting in touch with your senses meditation.

WikiExpert: Define self-love! What does it actually mean and how do Clients accomplish this? 

Megan McCarthy: To me, self- love is quite simple. Society makes it out to be so taboo, and such an unattainable feeling surrounds that phrase. My definition of self-love is; putting the focus more on oneself than on others. I know this sounds selfish and really against what we are taught. But once our cup is full, we can readily be there for others. Have you ever said yes to doing something for someone and resented it, or felt drained afterward? It was because you didn’t fill your cup before saying yes. Self-love can be as simple as making yourself a nice meal. Telling yourself you look good in that dress. Praising yourself for the things you do for yourself. The key here is acknowledging when you are doing things for yourself, that its an act of self-love. That is the most important part, and it just takes practice. Then you start believing, oh I do love myself and that feeling becomes stronger.

WikiExpert: Tell us about Energy Healing, what is it? How does it help and how is it done online?  

Megan McCarthy: Energy healing is one of my favorite topics to talk about, so I absolutely love this question. I have been working with energy healing for about 7 years now, and every time I do it I see positive results. It basically does a sweep through, a clearing out of the old stagnant energy that can be stored in the body from previous negative experiences. We are made up of energy, so sometimes our energy can become stagnant and needs a little cleaning. To make way for positive energy to flow through the body easily. One of my favorite healing modalities is Chakra healing. 

WikiExpert: How do you help Clients who need to make tough decisions? What strategies and tactics do you use to help them? 

Megan McCarthy: To use their intuition. This is an amazing decision-making tool that we all have at our disposal but just needs to be exercised like a muscle. There is a reason why scientists call it our second brain. I use exercise to practice using your intuition. First, you take deep breaths to quiet the mind, or a mindfulness exercise that suits the individual. That's the most important step, we can only make the right decision when our mind is calm. Then we tune into the feeling of the decision needed to be made. What does it feel like to stay or go? To say yes or say no. I often refer to the gut feeling that most of us know about. Intuition is the same thing. If the feeling is uncomfortable more than not it's a no. If the feeling feels peaceful, like a relief, then it's a yes. This is a skill that can be mastered with patience and practice. 

WikiExpert: Another one of the services that you offer is helping Clients to plan and shape their future? How do you do this? 

Megan McCarthy: First we go over what they truly want out of life. And then going through what's the very next, most attainable step to achieve those goals. 

WikiExpert: How would you advise someone who has no vision of their future or does not know what they actually want out of life? 

Megan McCarthy: I would start with what they liked to do as a kid. What made them happy then. Then I would try out an exercise called, what excites you more? Questions can start out as simple as what excites you more candy or dessert? What excites you more traveling or staying inbound? What excites you more to be your own boss or work for a business? Just to get the mind going in the direction of the things that bring them joy, which ultimately becomes what we want and desires out of life. 

Now, let's get to know more about Megan:

WikiExpert: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? 

Megan McCarthy: I love to go on hikes when the weather is nice, organize and clean, energy healing, and watching my favorite YouTubers or movies. 

WikiExpert: What is the biggest life lesson you have learned? 

Megan McCarthy: To have patience with myself and others, where there is patience with self there is self-love.

WikiExpert: Name two things you cannot live without? 

Megan McCarthy: Fries and a soft blanket.

WikiExpert: What does your ideal day look like? 

Megan McCarthy: Waking up with a smile and excited about my day, preparing for my morning meditation, opening a window if the sun is shining, eating a healthy breakfast, checking in with my team, ending the day connecting with my loved ones on a nice walk. 

Want to learn how to meditate, relax and fulfill your desires? Message Megan McCarthy for free to book a session!

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