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Cheated on your partner? Feeling guilty?

An Online Life Coach can help you to get through this. Message one for free today!


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Thoughts and attitudes surrounding infidelity vary widely across the world, but there is one thing for sure—cheating stories are global. Surveys and analyses have shown that the prevalence of cheating in a relationship varies between countries, and some cultures are more forgiving of unfaithful attitudes.

For instance, roughly 36% of Finland and the United Kingdom are estimated to have had affairs, with over a million people in the U.K. having an interest in cheating. Other countries like France, Germany, and Italy have even higher rates, but Thailand tops them all at 56%. 

In France, most people believe that affairs aren’t so bad, and the people of Finland are more open-minded about extramarital affairs, too.

Have you cheated on your spouse or romantic partner? Feeling guilty? This is for you.

When guilt strikes.

No matter where you are from or what your religious background is, you may be feeling guilty. Maybe you’ve been engaging with another partner in a long-term affair, or maybe you’ve slept with someone outside of your marriage for a single night—something frequently called a “one-night stand”.

Regardless of how, when, or for how long you’ve been unfaithful to your partner, it is perfectly normal for you to experience feelings of guilt, shame, frustration, or fear, even if you live in a country where many people don’t find cheating to be a big deal.

This guilt can be mind-boggling and difficult to overcome, but it is conquerable. We promise.

Saving a relationship.

Even after a cheating spouse has admitted their infidelity to their partner, it is absolutely possible to recover both individually and as a unit. We won’t pretend that it’ll be easy or that everything will return to normal right away, but you can get through this.

However, both partners will need to take steps to overcome this hurdle in their relationship. Below, we’ll discuss the first and most important step anyone struggling with cheating guilt should pursue as they learn how to get over the guilt and how to save a marriage.

What’s next?

Has guilt become so overwhelming that you’ve admitted to your spouse or partner that you’ve cheated on them with another person? Or do you want to confess your actions to your partner but don’t know where to start?

No matter what stage in this process you’ve reached, speaking to an Online Life Coach can make all the difference. You might choose to meet alone with these Experts, or maybe you’ll want to bring your partner along. Either way, a professional will guide you toward getting your relationship back on track with careful, sensitive, and effective guidance. Browse through our list of Online Life Coaches and message them for free!

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