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Have you been rejected by someone you love?

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Rejection comes in multiple shapes and forms. In some ways, we are all familiar with it—perhaps we’ve been rejected from a job position we applied to, or maybe we haven’t won a contest entry.

However, there are a couple of kinds of rejection that can be particularly devastating—so devastating, in fact, that they’ve been highly researched and discussed within the professional psychological community.

Some people experiencing rejection are currently in a romantic relationship, yet they find themselves consistently rejected by their partners. Others are not in a relationship, but they may have strong feelings for someone who rejects them. Sure, this rejection may seem more like the developing plot of a drama flick than something that happens in real life, but the number of people actually dealing with rejection each day is huge.

One way we can get an idea of rejection’s true scope is by checking out dating app statistics. On Tinder, for instance, there are as many as 988 million rejections occurring each day. If these numbers are so high on a single dating app, we can only imagine the breadth of more all-encompassing statistics.

The impact of rejection.

Being rejected is no joke. Like we mentioned a moment ago, the impact of rejection on an individual’s mental state can be so profound that rejection has found itself as the topic of numerous research articles about both short-term and long-term consequences. It’s no wonder that nearly everyone has at least some fear of rejection!

We’ll make no bones about it—rejection hurts. Aside from the emotional pain, rejection can also:

  • Have negative, long-standing effects on self-esteem;
  • Result in anger, resentment, or depression;
  • Lead to the use of self-medication with drugs and alcohol;
  • Affect the same parts of the brain associated with physical pain.

Moving forward with confidence.

Despite the turmoil that can result from rejection (whether it is experienced only once or repeated again and again), it is possible to learn how to deal with rejection in a powerful and effective way.

If you’re searching for information about how to deal with rejection or how to deal with the psychological consequences that result from rejection, don’t be afraid to reach out to an Online Life Coach. These pros know rejection well, and their rejection therapy can help people just like you to learn how to get over rejection, regain self-confidence, and strengthen the mental fortitude needed for potential rejections in the future. Browse through our list of Online Life Coaches now and message them for free!

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