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You CAN achieve success in business and life!

No matter what your circumstances might be, conquer your fears and overcome all challenges.


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Mandie Holgate is an Online Business Coach, author, blogger, public speaker and broadcaster. She was voted an Inspirational Woman of 2015 by a national UK Magazine and an inspirational top 50 women in the world. She is also the Founder of The Business Woman's Network, which motivates and inspires both women and men in business.

Mandie is extraordinary! Despite suffering Lupus, 2 other autoimmune diseases and Fibromyalgia, she built two successful businesses! She can help you to reach your full potential, achieve success and conquer your fears. 

Mandie can help you as a business owner to improve your marketing strategies, analyze any factors that are holding you back, be more resilient and equip you with the necessary coping skills and methods during stressful times.

What is business coaching?

Business coaching is an ideal solution for all types of businesses. From startups to established businesses, all can benefit from business coaching.

A Business Coach works with the business owner and even the team members to assist and guide in every aspect of the business. They analyze your current situation and help you reach your goals by putting together a solid plan, strategy and process to help you reach your target. 

If you have been dealing with a failed business or if it hasn't been performing well, a Business Coach can step in to determine what has been holding you back and help you to work on it accordingly. 

Apart from this, a Business Coach can also assist you with marketing, measuring KPIs and increasing sales and revenue. 

Some benefits of business coaching:

  • Overcome the challenges and obstacles that your business is facing
  • Build an actionable step-by-step plan
  • Write a business plan for startups
  • Track and measure KPIs
  • Grow your business by increasing sales or gaining more Clients
  • Develop a marketing plan and strategy that meets your business goals
  • Guide and advise you through decisions
  • Solve and tackle any factors that are preventing your business from being successful
  • Turn your business into a success!

Mandie has published many helpful articles on WikiExpert that help business owners to understand what success means, achieve their goals and de-stress along the journey. Read some of her articles that cover success and de-stressing during difficult times:

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