May 8, 2020 in Life Coaching

Get $15 back after your first session!

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WikiExpert is giving back $15 once you complete a paid session with either a Tutor or Life Coach of your choice. 

Why book an Online Tutor?

For students of all ages, it is essential to keep up with your education. An Online Tutor can assist with this and also help with subjects that you are struggling with. 

Why book an Online Life Coach?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many of you are on lockdown and dealing with feelings such as anxiety and stress. An Online Life Coach can help you through this difficult time and teach you some relaxation techniques and coping strategies. 

An Online Life Coach can also help by providing you with health and fitness tips. 

It's simple, all you have to do is browse through our Tutors and Life Coaches and make arrangements for your next session. 

Check the Rules and Regulations at the end of this article and book your session today via WikiExpert talk:

WikiExpert talk - How to

Rules and Regulations 

  • WikiExpert has to offer 15 vouchers for sessions with a Tutor and 15 vouchers for sessions with a Life Coach;
  • If you are uncertain about the availability, please email us at [email protected] beforehand;
  • We will send the $15 back to you over Stripe. Only paid sessions done via WikiExpert talk that take place before the 24th of May; 23:59 CET, are eligible - Sessions completed after the deadline are not eligible for this; 
  • Once you have completed the session, you will need to send an email to [email protected] Please ensure that you provide us with the following information:
    • Your name; 
    • The Expert that you've completed a session with; 
    • The date and time of your session on WikiExpert talk; 
    • Your Stripe account details;
    • A testimonial about the session you had to be featured on the Expert’s profile.
  • By accepting to participate in this promotion, you are accepting our general Terms of Use and the rules stated here;
  • WikiExpert is entitled to change these rules if necessary.

Book a session with a Life Coach or a Tutor today!

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