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Why content matters

Using content to highlight knowledge and skills.


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Experts can upload an article detailing education and training. This can help clients who are looking for someone knowledgeable in a certain subject or niche topic. If experts specialized in a very specific area, the Publications section of a WikiExpert profile is the perfect place to discuss it.

Another way to use the content area of WikiExpert is by uploading article about the expert’s experience, for example recount a previous session that went well, and how they advised or assisted a client in the past. They can also discuss the personal work experience that makes them the best-qualified expert on that topic.

Because clients will have access to this myriad of content created by experts, they can better decide who to hire. Allowing the client to peruse as much information as possible before making a decision is a great way to ensure client satisfaction. If the client is happy with their choice, they are more likely to recommend a certain expert.

An obvious additional benefit to uploading content to WikiExpert is that it will be found in search engines. If someone searches for legal advice, the searcher will come across relevant WikiExpert’s profiles.

Take Initiative with WikiExpert

With WikiExpert, it’s easier than ever to get started. By exploring our online marketplace, you are no longer limited to local expertise - you will have opportunities to connect with experts from around the world while utilizing secure, HD video calls. WikiExpert values professionalism, and you’ll be able to browse the profiles and publications of experts who specialize in exactly what you’re looking for.


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