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Are you letting your past relationships affect your current one?

Let an Online Relationship Counselor help you. Message one for free.

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As humans, we are complex beings full of nuance. Our past experiences shape us, often intertwining into our present lives to modify the way that we react to new circumstances or inform our decision-making. But what happens when our past relationships have been toxic or when our previous experiences have resulted in long-standing trauma?

Often, negative experiences like these can lead to difficult interactions down the line, but this isn’t something to blame yourself for. While global statistics have been difficult to solidify, North America tends to have higher rates of post-traumatic stress disorder than other countries. In North America, for instance, somewhere between 6.1 and 9.2 percent of people have PTSD, while rates in Australia and other countries are as low as 1 percent.

Still, the most important takeaway is that you’re not alone if past trauma is affecting your current relationship!

How to know when your past Is in the present.

Are you dating someone with a troubled past, or do you think that your own past relationships may be having a negative effect on your current relationship?

Below are a few relationship issues to look out for, each of which (especially when present together) could be suggestive of a past relationship wreaking havoc on a new relationship.

Being petty to your partner could be a sign of inappropriately applied defense mechanisms.

Excess jealousy or paranoia could result from fear due to past, repeated toxicity.

Frequent communication failures or lack of understanding surrounding partner conflicts might both be indicative of unresolved past harm.

Saying goodbye to the past.

So, when it comes to past relationships affecting current ones, what can we do? 

If you ask yourself how to forget past relationships, it may not be possible. However, working with an Online Relationship Counselor can lead you in the right direction. While a Counselor may not be able to help you entirely forget your past unhealthy relationships, they will help you to manage your emotions appropriately.

They can also work with you to identify signs that wounds from past experiences continue to fester, then lead you in a direction to close those wounds and learn to love healthily again.

Whether you prefer to work one-on-one with a Counselor or if you and your Counselor decide that it could be beneficial to work with your significant other, too, online relationship counseling provides an incredible amount of flexibility that’s perfect for, however (and whenever) you want to meet.

Take a dive.

We understand that opening up to a Counselor about these kinds of traumatic experiences or a previous toxic relationship can be difficult, but we’ve made it as easy as possible by providing a list of qualified, competent, and passionate Online Relationship Counselors who are ready to work with you and learn the specifics of your situation as they guide you toward how to move on. Browse these Experts today and schedule a remote meeting with one who seems like the right fit.

Then, look forward to healing. Browse through our list of Online Relationship Counseling now and message them for free.

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Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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