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“I’m lonely.” It’s a phrase we’ll be hearing more and more as shelter-at-home and self-isolation orders become the norm throughout many countries. However, loneliness is nothing new, and it’s perfectly normal to feel that way—roughly 10% of young people aged 16 to 24 feel lonely either “often or always" as reported by an English survey conducted by the Office for National Statistics. In adults aged 65 and older, 3% still reported frequently feeling alone.

While we can’t guarantee that you’ll be out of isolation anytime soon, we can at least urge you to take care of yourself and manage your loneliness with the following tips:

Use your alone time wisely.

Despite the collective loneliness, we will undoubtedly feel at various points throughout the quarantine necessitated by the Coronavirus pandemic, giving purpose to our time alone is one of the best ways to encourage a sense of fulfillment and make the most of the time by ourselves.

Focus on positivity.

When you’re feeling isolated, it’s easy to find yourself down in the dumps before you even realize you’ve taken a dive. Now, more than ever, it’s critical to focus on the positive aspects of life as the news is flooded with ghastly news of the Coronavirus pandemic.

When necessary, take a break from the news and instead watch your favorite movie or read an inspiring book. Try mindfulness meditation, or you might consider making a list of things you are thankful for.

Stay productive, even if it’s just the little things.

Knowing what to do when you feel lonely is far from an easy task, and it’s often overwhelming enough that we end up doing little more than lying in bed or aimlessly browsing our favorite streaming service. However, staying productive will tremendously lift our spirits, even if that means just taking care of simple chores around the house.

Work with an Online Counselor.

During a time when people across the planet are being advised to not leave their homes, Online Counselors are still working hard to bring you individualized guidance. In particular, online counseling sessions can be incredibly beneficial for those who need some help to understand how to deal with feeling lonely during the quarantine. Having a professional listen to your concerns may help ease the loneliness in and of itself, but a Counselor will also be well equipped to guide you in learning how to stop feeling lonely and proceed healthily and productively on your own.

Don’t wait until you are so lonely that the loneliness feels unbearable. Instead, set up your first meeting with an Online Counselor today so that you can learn how to lead a healthier lifestyle during periods of self-isolation and confront the negative emotions that crop up.

Remember, it’s perfectly normal for the lonely blues to tempt you into sadness, but tackling these feelings early on will do you a great deal of good as the pandemic rages on. Browse through our list of Online Counselors now and message them for free. 

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